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  1. CodeRed
    11-29-2009 09:08 PM - permalink
    xDD Sveet.

    And... um... lol. My favorite is probably Luffy from OP, followed by Ed from FMA, Gaara, and then ... there was someone else, from a less-known manga that I love, but I forget his name D: It's been too long since I've read it... OH! Gazille from Fairy Tail, that's who :D I hear that's an anime now, but I haven't seen it yet...
  2. DragonFish
    11-29-2009 09:02 PM - permalink
    lol! xDD Well, if you lived around here, I'd drag you to a convention ;)

    Ahh....thats a hard one D: xD I think ALL together it'd be a tie between Konan and Hawkeye with a LOT of others trailing VERY closely behind xD Konan is probably my favorite cosplay too, not by much mind, but still....
    What about you? :3
  3. CodeRed
    11-29-2009 08:56 PM - permalink
    I never thought about it, but a lot of anime/manga lovers ARE similar, as in fun and nice :D I still couldn't do it, but I would feel better if I was forced to :D
    Who's your favorite Naruto character? And FMA? :D Or just out of everyone?
  4. DragonFish
    11-29-2009 08:53 PM - permalink
    Totally agreed, I could do it, but it'd be really hard to cull otherwise....

    xDDDD Indeed, he scared me at first, but I love him now <3 Kankurou, Neji, and Shika are up there on the list as well xDD Yeah, I was pretty scared at first, but everyone at cons are nice, so its really easy to randomly go up to people and make friends xDD Haha, Envy decided to get a Mustang cosplay too, so now shes my Mustang....whos obsessed with Miniskirts and dogs xDDD Its REALLY funny.
    Yeah, the dub was alright for FMA. I still preferred the Japanese version, but I the dub wasn't too bad.
  5. CodeRed
    11-29-2009 08:44 PM - permalink
    Yeah, I think that'd be the only reason I'd cull, unless I started to be a BIG breeder.

    I LOVE Gaara :D He's my favorite character... tied with Kankurou and Neji x3 And I still couldn't do it :P I'd be like... crying halfway there, begging to just be taken home. I'm such a baby :P And I would love to find a Mustang.. XD I loved him in FMA. Did you like the dubb of FMA? I liked it more than the sub, which is the ONLY anime I can say that for (:
  6. DragonFish
    11-29-2009 08:36 PM - permalink
    Maybe later on, if I get really into breeding and start trying for certain colors and patters, but I doubt I'll have enough my first go to NEED to cull....though it all depends. For now it would only be if there is something wrong with a baby that would prevent it from having a comfortable life.

    Gaara in general scared me to death in the beginning to me honest xDDD The voice didn't make it ANY better. Yup, I went to cons alone xD It was alright though 'cause you always meet someone to hang out with at a convention. Like this time I found and tagged along with a Mustang and Ed(I was Hawkeye)and then hung out with an Envy and Winry, who are my two friends that I've been talking about, for a while XD Ended up getting their e-mails and stuff....and three weeks later we have a cosplay group with the three of us xDD
    I know! Dx I couldn't stand the anime....the new one is way better, definitely.
  7. CodeRed
    11-29-2009 08:21 PM - permalink
    Will you cull? -can't believe is daring to go there-

    Haha, Gaaras voice just scared me half to death, with that... creepiness D: And you cosplayed alone?! That's... daring :D I could never do it xDD
    I sincerely hope the new FMA is better than the old one, because the ending of the old one... blech. I abhorred it. D: Poor Ed DDx
  8. DragonFish
    11-29-2009 08:16 PM - permalink
    Yeah, I can't wait to breed! :D I've done livebearers before and it was so neat to watch them grow, it'll be even better now because It'll be more hands on and stuff x3 And, of course, I have to keep ONE at least xDDDDD

    Yeah, I'll not watch for a while and then, when I'm really bored, I'll go and spend a few hours catching up on what I've missed. xD I actually cosplayed alone for a little while, then met my two friends at my most recent con.
    Yeah, I totally agree. Narutos voice failed and Sasuke and Gaaras voices made me scoot slowly away from my computer......Kakashi was alright, and Shika is just awesome no matter what xD <3 Yeah, the regular FMA anime I don't really like at all....I think the plot just fails, at least for me :/ the manga is way better, IMO
  9. CodeRed
    11-29-2009 07:57 PM - permalink
    I could never breed, unless I want to try it over the summer. Right now, all of my classes are advanced, so I would be utterly swamped. I'd love to breed Sherbet sometime, though. He's too pretty. I think it would be amazing to watch them all grow up (: And I KNOW I would keep at least one :P

    I've found that I usually watch more anime in the summer or winter. In Winter it's cold and I can't go outside, and in summer I get bored a lot easier :P I'm so jealous that you cosplay. I only have two friends still into anime, and I doubt they would ever cosplay. I really don't want to do it alone :P So, I guess I'll just sit and watch others xD
    Naruto dub was horrible, I'm not even going to lie. Naruto's voice is terrible, and Sasuke kinda sounds creepy xD Same with Gaara. Neji, Kakashi, and Kankurou's voices I liked, though X3 Shika, too. I started to watch the new FMA series (I DID watch the first one, along with the movie, which I loved), but school got in the way, and I lost interest D:
  10. DragonFish
    11-29-2009 07:47 PM - permalink
    lol, yeah, I'm starting to slow down on my buying now....if the breeding goes well I won't have time for any more and I'm kinda saving up my money for cosplay costumes....most I'm going to try and make, but there are a few I don't even want to attempt to make

    Yeah, I'm definitely a huge Naruto fan, though I have nothing agents OP xD I've just been too lazy to watch it, among several other animes I know I should probably start watching...and I personally think the dubs of most animes suck(Naruto definitely was horrible), Bleach was probably the only one that wasn't a complete fail, but I always prefer the Japanese versions :)
    Haha, the FMA manga is awesome, I love it <3 And they have an anime now that follows the manga plot, and its totally epic <333 xD
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