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  1. DragonFish
    08-23-2011 10:06 PM - permalink
    Thanks!! :)
  2. DragonFish
    11-29-2009 10:52 PM - permalink
    Haha, cool! Sounds awesome! :D Yeah, I'll definitely have to read it over break xDD
  3. CodeRed
    11-29-2009 10:41 PM - permalink
    It's a really good manga :D It's a long one, though, so definitely save it for a break :D
  4. DragonFish
    11-29-2009 10:35 PM - permalink
    Ooooooooooo!! 8DD That sounds totally awesome! I think thats what I'll be reading during Christmas break xDDD
  5. CodeRed
    11-29-2009 09:40 PM - permalink
    I'm bad at Summaries, so I'll give you the MangaFox one :P It's my favorite manga behind OP and a one-shot whos name I forget :P

    "Centuries ago in an epic battle, King Phelios defeated the Vampire-King Duzell. Using a powerful spell Phelios destroyed Duzell but he perished as a sacrifice for using such a strong spell. As both laid dying, Duzell swore that he would be reincarnated to find Phelios' reincarnation and when he did he would drain Phelios' blood, rip his body limb from limb and laugh while his soul writhes, damned for eternity to a lake of fire. A century later, Duzell is reborn as a wildcat called a kyawl. Unfortunately, he can't find the reincarnation of the now Saint Phelios. Luckily, he is adopted by his nemesis' great-granddaughter, the 15-year-old princess Ishtar, through whom Duzell may be able to find the reincarnation of Phelios. The fate of the ages is reborn, and the vampire game begins."
  6. DragonFish
    11-29-2009 09:36 PM - permalink
    Ooooo, that one I haven't heard of....whats it about? :3
  7. CodeRed
    11-29-2009 09:25 PM - permalink
    I'll do that :D
    Have you ever heard/read the manga Vampire Game?
  8. DragonFish
    11-29-2009 09:21 PM - permalink
    xDDD Yay! I love funny anime.
    Haha, yeah....word of advice, go with the manga instead of the anime for Inuyasha. They never finished the anime I don't think and it has too many fillers....the manga is pretty good though ;)
  9. CodeRed
    11-29-2009 09:16 PM - permalink
    It's amazing :D Gazille and Gray are hilarious.
    And I never watched Inuyasha. I just never... got into it. My pet peeve is I HAVE to start from the beginning, and I just can't find the beginning of Inuyasha.
  10. DragonFish
    11-29-2009 09:13 PM - permalink
    xDDD Awesome! Hmm....Fairy Tail sounds interesting....I'll have to look that up ;)
    Oh yeah, a character I forgot to add thats probably way up there with Konan and Hawkeye...Kagura from Inuyasha. Shes just awesome <3
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