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Conversation Between BettaSquirt and MrVampire181
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  1. BettaSquirt
    06-04-2009 06:39 PM - permalink
    Well it usually stays in between there with the light.. but if my dad will let me then ill get one on saturday, cause were going anyway to get some filter pads. Thanks for all the info!
  2. MrVampire181
    06-04-2009 06:36 PM - permalink
    5 gallon. You need a heater for bettas and corys to keep the temp between 70 and 80 degress
  3. BettaSquirt
    06-04-2009 05:53 PM - permalink
    What size tank do you keep your cory in?
  4. BettaSquirt
    06-04-2009 05:11 PM - permalink
    Aww thats sooo cute!
    Okay one more question, do i need a heater too? or will the light be enough, it seems to do wonders during the day, it keeps it at a warm 80-78 degrees, but at night, when its off, it kinda drops to 76 or 77.
  5. MrVampire181
    06-04-2009 05:07 PM - permalink
    Mine attacked for a few minuets. Then ignored him. I noticed that bettas and corys seem to form friendships and are real close friends :) I wonder why?
  6. BettaSquirt
    06-04-2009 05:02 PM - permalink
    Okay! Will my betta get territorial, or just ignore him?
  7. MrVampire181
    06-04-2009 05:00 PM - permalink
    I reccomend Hikari sinking wafers for their food. Corys also are naucternal so feed them at night. They require the same water envirment bettas do so that makes our job easy :)

    I have one with my oldest male too.
  8. BettaSquirt
    06-04-2009 04:16 PM - permalink
    Yeah Thankss!! on, it says that they need like 10 gallons, i have one but im saving my money now to get a hoodlight, blahlblahblah for it, and i wanted to put different fish in it. But i'll take out squirts fake plant to make room. Do i need anything special for it? Like food, heater, etc.
  9. MrVampire181
    06-04-2009 04:11 PM - permalink
    My friend has (or had since it died a few days ago) a cory cat in a 2 gallon so ya it should be fine. Just remember to moniter the water a little more since their is another fish ;)
  10. BettaSquirt
    06-04-2009 04:09 PM - permalink
    Cooool! So can Cory Cats be with a male Betta fish in a 2.5 gallon tank?
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