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Conversation Between BettaSquirt and MrVampire181
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  1. MrVampire181
    07-11-2009 07:47 PM - permalink
    No prob :)
  2. BettaSquirt
    07-11-2009 07:24 PM - permalink
    Thanks ! :)
  3. MrVampire181
    07-11-2009 12:22 PM - permalink
    I'll tell more people about your site :)
  4. BettaSquirt
    07-10-2009 07:41 PM - permalink
    My websites doing pretty good,just not that many viewers lol. Thanks for the forum thing :P. Haha i'll check on it.
  5. MrVampire181
    07-07-2009 12:41 AM - permalink
    i HAVEN'T COMMENTED IN A LONG TIME SO HERE i AM stupid caps lock ;P

    How's your site goin? I posted a betta spawning tutorial on the forum just so you know
  6. MrVampire181
    06-18-2009 03:20 PM - permalink
    Hi :)

    Sorry I haven't put your site on mine yet but I'll do that today :)
  7. BettaSquirt
    06-06-2009 09:14 AM - permalink
    My Website:
    Visit it and tell your friends!
  8. BettaSquirt
    06-06-2009 09:10 AM - permalink
    You can post yours on mine, ill post mine on yours
  9. BettaSquirt
    06-06-2009 09:07 AM - permalink
    Thanks! I got it from bettatalk. It does sound alittle like it huh? :) thanks again ill look at yours too.
  10. MrVampire181
    06-05-2009 11:46 PM - permalink
    I'm goin to post a link of your site on my site :)

    Maybe you could post a link of my site on yours? (you dont have to but I'm just sayin :P)
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