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  1. dramaqueen
    09-26-2009 08:55 PM - permalink
    How's it going? How is school?
  2. dramaqueen
    09-12-2009 10:12 PM - permalink
    Maybe you can become a psychiatrist. There are a lot of crazy people in this world! lol
  3. dr2b
    09-12-2009 10:04 PM - permalink
    I love psychology. I chose a biology major because I had to choose one quickly. I figured it'd help me being pre-med. I like the bio classes - don't get me wrong...but I just love psychology. Love finding out why people do what they do.
  4. dramaqueen
    09-12-2009 09:14 PM - permalink
    I have my B.A in psychology.
  5. dr2b
    09-12-2009 02:57 PM - permalink
    That and a psychology minor. Got a lot of reading this year...usually I like to go to lecture see what is taught and then read the chapter. But all my classes are discussion on the chapter, so I have no choice but to read before and it is exhausting lol. I am glad everyone is doing well.
  6. dramaqueen
    09-12-2009 12:58 PM - permalink
    Yep, everyone's doing ok. I imagine school keeps you pretty busy. You're majoring in biology?
  7. dr2b
    09-12-2009 11:50 AM - permalink
    Hey! Yeah I don't get to get on much lately because of school. I get on periodically and check whats up, but usually don't have much time to post. I hope your doing well and your bettas are doing well!
  8. dramaqueen
    09-11-2009 11:14 PM - permalink
    Hey! I haven't seen you on much lately. I hope everything is going well for you.
  9. dramaqueen
    09-03-2009 11:25 PM - permalink
    Thanks! It was totally on impulse!! I went to lunch with a couple of ladies in my neighborhood and we stopped at Petsmart. I was there about a week ago and one of the cashiers said they had been getting in a few ct females mixed in with the rest of their bettas. So I thought I'd just look and lo and behold, there were 3 ct females! The other 2 were light bodies with red fins. This one is blue/green. I'm thinking of calling her Midori, which means green in Japanese or Reina, which is Spanish for queen. My last 2 were Spanish and Japanese names. lol There used to be an Olympic ice skater from Japan years ago, named Midori Ito. I think she was a gold medal winner, I can't remember.
  10. dr2b
    09-03-2009 11:10 PM - permalink
    Okay so being in school really puts me behind on the gossip. I had no idea you got a new betta! Congrats!!
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