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  1. dr2b
    01-05-2010 10:29 PM - permalink
    You're lucky you have a pool there. The closest pool to me is 20 minutes away :( But that is no good the people aren't very nice.
  2. dramaqueen
    01-05-2010 10:05 PM - permalink
    Ooooh, the Caribbean sounds great!! I guess I'll just hang out here at my pool but that isn't much fun because we have some people here who aren't very nice.
  3. dr2b
    01-05-2010 09:29 PM - permalink
    Synthisis bought me some awesome North Face boots last winter (they are soooo warm lol). This year mom and dad bought me a new Columbia ski jacket for Christmas. So I am set for snow this year. I don't see how the people up North do it. I mean we had 18-19 inches on that big snow in December, and tons of freezing rain since. After each storm we've had the nasty winds follow... but I am looking forward to the spring since at the end of May Synthisis and I are planning on going on vacation to some place in the Caribbean.
  4. dramaqueen
    01-05-2010 08:51 PM - permalink
    Yeah, I'm sick of it, too and we haven't even really had much. I went shopping for boots the other day and ended up buying a down coat instead. lol I have to have something warm to wear when walking my neighbor's dog.
  5. dr2b
    01-05-2010 08:47 PM - permalink
    I am so sick and tired of the snow and winter. I am ready for March when it is warmer. I don't think I'd be so tired of it had we not gotten the huge snow storm in December.
  6. dramaqueen
    01-05-2010 08:40 PM - permalink
    We're supposed to get up to 4 inches here.
  7. dr2b
    01-05-2010 08:30 PM - permalink
    Well Friday they are predicting 2-4 inches... but you know how that goes lol. I think Morgantown, WV will get hit hard with it. It started snowing Saturday there, and it was still snowing today from lake effects. People go crazy when they hear snow lol.
  8. dramaqueen
    01-05-2010 05:47 PM - permalink
    Are you guys getting winter weather warnings there? We have a winter storm watch here. We're supposed to get it thursday. We went to the store and are battening down the hatches here. lol I have my shipping heat packs in case our power goes out, which it might if the wind blows hard enough. Our power goes out at the drop of a hat. lol
  9. dr2b
    01-01-2010 12:38 AM - permalink
    Happy New Year!!
  10. dramaqueen
    12-31-2009 11:12 PM - permalink
    Happy New Year!!!
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