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  1. Vikki81207
    10-25-2009 05:35 PM - permalink
    Yeah I'm using quart size mason jars. How's that sound??
    Thanks for the help. When you clean their jars, do you just pour the new water right in??
  2. andakin
    10-25-2009 04:56 PM - permalink
    hi vikki.

    its been said that once jarred, the fish will have a growth spurt. the results i got were quite the opposite. i took a picture of a fish today and compared it with a picture from last week and noticed zero growth. the remaining ones in the tank grew considerably larger. the only guess i have to why this happened would be that the 16 oz cups were far too small. i hope you will use something much larger than i did.

    i do 100% water changes every other day or so now. using a cup, i juggle pour the two back and forth to empty out most of the water and all of the poop. i then replace it with conditioned water (i dont age mine anymore).

    as for food, i think your cyclops and brineshrimp looks good. i would say keep at that until they are big enough to handle full size pellets. i have upgraded their diet to brinshrimp and bloodworm.
  3. Vikki81207
    10-25-2009 04:16 PM - permalink
    Hey I have a question. Just wanted to know how you cleaned and fed your fry now that they are separated. I put all the fry in jars today and wanted another opinion on stuff. Also when do you plan on switching to powdered then pellets?? Thanks.
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