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Conversation Between MrVampire181 and ChelseaK
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  1. ChelseaK
    03-16-2011 04:16 PM - permalink
    I just got them! I'm floating them in some water right now. Hopefully they will be okay. I have to make some adjustments and they should be in their new tanks (temporary one for the male) by tonight. For now they are in one gallon tubs. Thanks!!
  2. MrVampire181
    03-15-2011 06:07 PM - permalink
    Ok so I sent them out yesterday. The code I gave you is wrong so I'll PM you the new one.
  3. ChelseaK
    03-14-2011 09:53 AM - permalink
    Sounds good! I'm excited!!
  4. MrVampire181
    03-14-2011 07:42 AM - permalink
    I didn't make a video but they're boxed and will be dropped off by noon!
  5. MrVampire181
    03-13-2011 07:49 PM - permalink
    Ok so I bagged your bettas. I wrapped them in brown paper lunch bags and labeled them similar to how the Thai do. Your IAL and vinegar eels are in a sperate luch bag. I will make a packing video tomorrow morning when I pack them. They will be dropped off at the PO by noon. The tracking code is:
    0310 3490 0002 2273 7917
  6. ChelseaK
    03-12-2011 05:59 PM - permalink
    It doesn't seem like he's doing much, though I think there is a slight improvement. He's just a little guy yet, maybe when he's older his appetite will increase, haha.
  7. MrVampire181
    03-12-2011 09:49 AM - permalink
    Maybe I should get one of those...or walk down the street to my brothers house and throw them in with his loach haha.
  8. ChelseaK
    03-11-2011 11:32 PM - permalink
    haha... NO! Haha, I have PLENTY... too many. I got a clown loach (started with two, one died) just to help get rid of my snails! Haha
  9. MrVampire181
    03-11-2011 11:25 PM - permalink
    Yup..should be fine. Do you want some snails too? I have plenty I could give you.
  10. ChelseaK
    03-11-2011 11:16 PM - permalink
    The weather has been warming up nice here. Getting into high 50s next week, so it should be decent for shipping?
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