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Conversation Between MrVampire181 and dr2b
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  1. MrVampire181
    09-11-2010 06:23 PM - permalink
    Well it looks like Charlie is getting his females. They spawned with TONS of eggs. No injuries the female AT ALL!! Great spawn over all.
  2. MrVampire181
    08-02-2009 11:13 AM - permalink
    I'm not sure. I have seen double tipped ventrals and have a few here that have them but I'm not sure why.
  3. dr2b
    08-02-2009 11:06 AM - permalink
    Well Synthisis and I were comparing his veiltail with mine last night. And that's when we noticed that his VT had a single tipped ventral fin and mine has dual tipped. I seen other species of bettas with dual tipped before - but not on a VT.
  4. MrVampire181
    08-02-2009 10:56 AM - permalink
    It could just be a genetic thing. I've had some veil tails with very skinny tails that don't even look like tails to ones that could pass as a delta. I'm not sure about ventrals though :/
  5. dr2b
    08-02-2009 01:32 AM - permalink
    Do you have any idea why my new betta (which I thought was a veiltail) has dual-tipped ventral fins? My boyfriend has a veiltail, and his male's ventral fins are a single point. He has been thinking my new one isn't a true veiltail because of the anal fin shape. But I figured he wasn't fully grown yet and that's why the anal fin was that shape.
  6. MrVampire181
    07-29-2009 01:01 AM - permalink
    No prob :)
  7. dr2b
    07-29-2009 12:47 AM - permalink
    That's awesome! Thanks for letting me know :)
  8. MrVampire181
    07-29-2009 12:42 AM - permalink
    I just wanted to let you know that I put a pic of Flair on my site. I'm gonna do this every competition so if you want to see him go to and he'll be on the "Betta Contests" page :)
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