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Conversation Between ifish and MrVampire181
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  1. ifish
    08-10-2009 08:20 PM - permalink
    im loking for a pal for hydro in another 2 gallon tank
  2. ifish
    08-10-2009 08:19 PM - permalink
    if you want you can e-amil me the induval picture or cowntails
  3. MrVampire181
    08-10-2009 08:16 PM - permalink
    Dang it. I can't find the pics I posted >:[
  4. MrVampire181
    08-10-2009 08:13 PM - permalink
    No halfmoons currently. DT's may interest you!! I'll show you the two I'm spawning now.
  5. ifish
    08-10-2009 07:59 PM - permalink
    may i see you half-moons for sale
  6. ifish
    07-12-2009 09:53 AM - permalink
    ok have fun and dont get eatten by animals im going to the green mountain state today so have fun
  7. MrVampire181
    07-12-2009 12:27 AM - permalink
    BTW I'm leaving Sunday morning to the mountains again so I won't be on. Hopefully drama dosen't think I was blown away by a tornado again :P
  8. ifish
    07-04-2009 09:39 PM - permalink
    i added you please accept
  9. MrVampire181
    07-04-2009 09:35 PM - permalink
    Sure :)
  10. ifish
    07-04-2009 09:13 PM - permalink
    hey dude can i add you as a friend on youtube? im currently adding new videos
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