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Conversation Between doggyhog and dramaqueen
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  1. dramaqueen
    09-04-2009 06:21 PM - permalink
    You're welcome! :)
  2. doggyhog
    09-04-2009 06:20 PM - permalink
    Oh OK. Thanks!! :)
  3. dramaqueen
    09-04-2009 05:58 PM - permalink
    I have the Top Fin Bettascene 1 gallon tank. I have my girls in those.
  4. doggyhog
    09-04-2009 03:12 PM - permalink
    Have you ever used the Aqua-scene 1 gallon? :) I'm thinking of getting one.
  5. dramaqueen
    09-03-2009 08:51 PM - permalink
    lol! Thanks!
  6. doggyhog
    09-03-2009 08:51 PM - permalink
    Hmmm... I love both!!

    But, I like Reina better. :)
  7. dramaqueen
    09-03-2009 08:50 PM - permalink
    Thanks! lol I'm also thinking about the name Reina, which is Spanish for queen.
  8. doggyhog
    09-03-2009 08:46 PM - permalink
    I like that name!!!!

    Good luck on this being the last..... I gave up on that.... a long time ago.... :D
  9. dramaqueen
    09-03-2009 08:29 PM - permalink
    Thanks! No, but I looked on and so far I only found one name that I like.. Midori, which is Japanese. I think it means green. She's a blue/green color. Boy, am I addicted!! lol This has GOT to be the last one. lol
  10. doggyhog
    09-03-2009 08:18 PM - permalink
    Congrats on you new girl. :) Do you have a name for her yet?
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