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Conversation Between doggyhog and Richard12345
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  1. Richard12345
    02-02-2010 08:17 PM - permalink
    OK, thanks.
  2. doggyhog
    02-02-2010 08:16 PM - permalink
    Oh I thought you were talking about bettas..

    I'm pretty sure that is impossible. I think your Mollie is being aggressive, as some Mollies are.
  3. Richard12345
    02-02-2010 08:14 PM - permalink
    Don't know what that means, but I was wondering if guppys and mollies can breed with each other. My mollie is chasing my guppy around, and they are different genders.
  4. doggyhog
    02-02-2010 08:11 PM - permalink
    You mean breeding different tail types?
  5. Richard12345
    02-02-2010 08:07 PM - permalink
    Do you know anything about crossbreeding?
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