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Conversation Between doggyhog and Vikki81207
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  1. Vikki81207
    02-05-2010 12:14 PM - permalink
    No she'll come in the mail, lol. So when you see your mail truck next weekendish, shes probably in there
  2. doggyhog
    02-05-2010 12:09 PM - permalink
    It's OK. I totally understand.

    I Think she'll be OK. Will she get delivered to my house by UPS? Sorry, never been shipped a fish before. :)
  3. Vikki81207
    02-05-2010 10:48 AM - permalink
    I'm sorry but I don't have heat packs. I can't afford them with having to take my cat to the vet. If you want to wait on her to be shipped we can do that. It's all up to you.
  4. doggyhog
    02-04-2010 07:18 PM - permalink

    Oh, do you think Guin will be OK being shipped to me? We are getting a big snow storm this weekend and I think it's going to be cold the next weekend too, do you have heat packs for her box?

    Sorry, just want to make sure the little girl makes it here safely. :)
  5. Vikki81207
    02-04-2010 07:09 PM - permalink
    Yeah I did.
  6. doggyhog
    02-04-2010 05:48 PM - permalink
    Did Blue get a home? :) Yaay!
  7. Vikki81207
    11-02-2009 09:55 PM - permalink
    So then like every so often add more cooled oatmeal?? Sounds good Thanks so much!
  8. doggyhog
    11-02-2009 09:40 PM - permalink
    Oh no problem!!!

    I put Angel in her cup when I clean the tank, because she would probably get sucked up if she went near the syphon, (which she would!) and I thought, Hey! Why not try and see if she likes them! And she did! I didn't think she would. Just don't feed them anything else that day, because they can get kinda bloated from it.

    I use oatmeal, with just a pinch of yeast. Wait to put the yeast on until the oatmeal is cooled. If you are very worried about killing them, put half of the culture in one container, and the other half in the other. Mine didn't do much for the first few days, but they are going crazy now!
  9. Vikki81207
    11-02-2009 09:28 PM - permalink
    Really? I'll have to see if Merin,Pearl or Guinevere likes them.
    So what do you do with your microworms? I want someone from the forums opinion. You use oatmeal right?? How much yeast do you use to how much oatmeal?? Did you just follow the directions from what you got mailed to you? I don't want to mess anything up lol. Sorry if I'm asking too much.
  10. doggyhog
    11-02-2009 06:07 PM - permalink
    No problem!!!!! Funny, Angel actually LOVES micro worms. :) She gobbles them up.
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