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Conversation Between Robarie and AngelicScars
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  1. AngelicScars
    07-14-2009 02:28 AM - permalink
    I have Otos with my female. What I do to make sure they get enough to eat is I put in zucchini on a veggie clip for them. I put it in at night (because they are nocturnal) and I leave it in 12-24 hours so they get enough and then remove it. I do this every other night. They seem to be doing just fine and have nice fat bellies. I hope that helps.
  2. Robarie
    07-13-2009 08:49 PM - permalink
    Hi, I have a post in the compatibility tab, i am down to 2 fishies, a male ct and a female, i have a 20 gal tank and i am going to remove one of the two dividers leaving the male ct in the smaller side and my female in the larger side, i wanted to add more fishies to that side with her and i've read cories and otos do well with bettas, dramaqueen suggusted i ask you or fishyinpa about feedings for them with my female, so any advice??? Thanks
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