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Conversation Between Campbell and crowntail lover
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  1. crowntail lover
    05-16-2009 03:56 PM - permalink
    crowntail lover
    The first one I bought is WORTHLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I bought a second one and of course it hasnt arrived yet.....
  2. Campbell
    05-16-2009 03:47 PM - permalink
    Wow... that's alot of fish! Haha. He sounds like a good dad. If their bellies are white, I'm pretty sure that means they have eaten. Is your micro worm culture going yet?
  3. crowntail lover
    05-16-2009 03:43 PM - permalink
    crowntail lover
    There are about 100+
    I have NEpolean in there. And he is picking them up and lowing them. And they all swim well but I just dont know if they are eating....?
    My mother is going to get a filter right now to try to purify and clean the water to help them out a bit...I just hope they make it....
  4. Campbell
    05-16-2009 03:39 PM - permalink
    Oh. I just hadn't seen you post in a few days, but now I see you're thread in the emergencies section. I hope they all perk up. About how many are there?
  5. crowntail lover
    05-16-2009 03:37 PM - permalink
    crowntail lover
    Some of the fry are free swimming and some are just at the bottom. I have feed egg yolk. Which some fry have ful bellies. But others are dull..........
  6. Campbell
    05-16-2009 01:47 PM - permalink
    Hey, I was just wondering how the fry are doing...
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