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Conversation Between rockstar26 and Vikki81207
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  1. rockstar26
    08-25-2009 11:31 AM - permalink
  2. Vikki81207
    08-24-2009 09:43 PM - permalink
    They're doing great thanks! I'll be breeding Merlin and Pearl soon, Skai's popeye is almost gone, Embers fins are growing back, Fishy's holes are almost closed and Blue is still great. lol.
  3. rockstar26
    08-24-2009 07:59 PM - permalink
    Hey you, How's your fish? :)
  4. Vikki81207
    06-21-2009 10:35 PM - permalink
    They're all doing pretty well thanks. Fishy and Blue took well to their Fin rot treatment. Finished that on Wednesday. I started treating Merlin today, because it looks like he might have lost a few, don't know if it's fin rot, but I'm treating just in case, but using less than the recommended dosage. And Aqua is great, she's still super skittish, but she's a good girl. I decided to fast them all one day a week because I see a lot of other betta owners doing it, and I chose today, and they're not too happy that I didn't feed them, lol. I'm hoping they get used to it. But other than that, everyone is awesome. lol. Sorry for so much.
  5. rockstar26
    06-21-2009 10:16 PM - permalink
    hows your fish?
  6. Vikki81207
    06-16-2009 10:26 PM - permalink
    I brought that cup with me. I got it with Blue at walmart. But yeah, it is pretty big. When I picked him up they had him in a bag inside a bag. It was a hour and a half trip, so I put him in the cup so he would have air.
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