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Conversation Between DragonFish and BettaKeeper
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  1. BettaKeeper
    12-13-2009 04:42 PM - permalink
    Yep, that's why I stick to Bleach. Haha I got a betta fish today and named him Byakuya.
  2. DragonFish
    12-13-2009 01:32 PM - permalink
    Ugh, I know, right? I mean, I can kinda see the point of killing off Itachi for the plot.....but, not so much with Pein and I definitely don't see the point in killing off Deidara....yeah, they need to have a balance of good guys and bad just doesn't work when you kill off all the most awesome bad guys and then keep the mediocre good guys -__-;
  3. BettaKeeper
    12-12-2009 11:04 AM - permalink
    Kishimoto lost like half of his viewers after he killed Deidara, Pein, and Itachi. Good luck with seeing her again, they've been killing off all the bad guys and then "reviving" all of the good guys. Yep, it's strange. It just doesn't work when ALL of the good guys live. Well except Asuma, he died.
  4. DragonFish
    12-11-2009 10:40 AM - permalink
    Oh gosh, I know! I got ticked when they killed off Deidara, then REALLY ticked when they killed off Itachi....I mean, why?! Why the two coolest members? Dx
    I kept going though, really loosing interest after they killed off Pein :P I kind of only check back with the manga now just in the faint hope that I'll see Konan again somehow xD It IS really weird now though, I'll agree with you there :/
  5. BettaKeeper
    12-11-2009 07:19 AM - permalink
    You're welcome! Oh god yes, after Itachi died I pretty much gave up hope. I read one of the newer chapters and it's just gotten so different (and a bit weirder) than before.
  6. DragonFish
    12-10-2009 05:51 PM - permalink
    Aww, thanks xD
    Yeah, Naruto is dragging on a little long for me....I only really read the manga now every once in a while and am still not totally caught up.....kinda got bored after they killed off all the good Akatsuki xDDD
  7. BettaKeeper
    12-10-2009 05:02 PM - permalink
    Nice konan cosplay. I used to follow Naruto, not so much anymore.
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