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  1. windfire
    07-20-2010 05:32 AM - permalink
    hi Byron could you advise me on ligting for my new setup? i have a 15W bio globe in at the moment but feel i may need more. the plantings are, Amazon swords, anubias nana, hairgrass and java moss. i will be adding some java fern and various moss species in the near future as well as some microsporum tenerum, i think thats the right spelling. i thought i should add at least another 15 watt. the tank is a low tech setup and is 70litres. thanks

    ps thought i should add that the substrate is black fine fluorite that is capping palm fibre peat soaked in a solution of chemincult, a hydroponics fertilizer. the fertilizers are then added via the roots rather than in the water column though ferts can still be added to the water column which i may do to give the mosses and hair grass a kick start.

    windfire, I have PM'd my response. Byron.
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