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  1. Jayy
    02-08-2012 08:31 PM - permalink
    ok thanks
  2. Jayy
    02-08-2012 07:50 PM - permalink
    hi is this true?
    Warning: When Kribensis starts to breed, they may become too aggressive to co-exist with Emperor Tetra.
    Warning: When Kribensis starts to breed, they may become too aggressive to co-exist with Panda Cory.
    Note: Silver Hatchet may jump - lids are recommended.
    Warning: When Kribensis starts to breed, they may become too aggressive to co-exist with Silver Hatchet
    I checked their proflies and I thought they would all get along.
    I assume these citations are from Aqua-Advisor or similar; Iève not personally kept kribensis, but a cichlid is a cichlid, and any cichlid spawning does rule the tank, at least mine always have. And corys are a real target, since they just bumble along everywhere--and if they stumble upon the eggs or fry, it is game over. Post a thread in the cichlid forum and those with more direct experience can respond. Byron.
  3. Jayy
    01-10-2012 06:07 PM - permalink
    Ok, thanks
  4. Jayy
    01-08-2012 08:56 PM - permalink
    Today I bought coral-life 10,000k bulbs are they any good? They seem brighter.
    The 10,000K indicates high blue, less red. If combined with the UltraSun, fine; on their own, I wouldn't. The brightness is probably the high blue (crisper white is "brighter" to us). Byron.
  5. Jayy
    01-07-2012 07:33 PM - permalink
    What would be a brand of stronger bulb I can buy? Maybe at a hardware store? I would like to keep more colorful plants and swords. I'm currently using Zoomed UltraSun bulbs. Are lower or bigger kelvin ratings better? I'll see If I can find the power-glo it looks like wal-mart is selling them.
    You won't get more intense tubes from what you have without going to a new fixture; Power-Glo will be a tad more, if you don't mind the hue. Kelvin is the colour temperature, nothing to do with intensity directly. Byron.
  6. Jayy
    01-06-2012 04:50 PM - permalink
    Hi, me once again. On a 4 foot 55gal with two 18in 65,000k bulbs, what would this be low light?, modrate? Best for what kinds of plants? Swords, crypts?, stem plants like ludgia?
    That's low light. Anjubias, Java Fern, Java Moss, some crypts. Most everything else will likely struggle, depending upon tubes. Something like the Power-Glo are a bit more intense. Someone else had this, if you can find the thread you could check how they're managing. Byron.
  7. Jayy
    12-28-2011 11:23 AM - permalink
  8. Jayy
    12-27-2011 03:06 PM - permalink
    Hello there Sir, which would be best for a 55gal a 150w or a 200w heater? I do live in Florida so it won't have to work super hard.
    If this is the basic 55g at 4 feet in length, I would suggest two heaters, one at either end and next to the filter intake and outflow if so arranged. But given your location, I would also concur with a single 150w or 200w heater. Byron.
  9. Jayy
    12-13-2011 06:48 PM - permalink
    Hi Byron, would local driftwood be safe aslong as I boil it?

    I'll respond via PM. B.
  10. Jayy
    11-26-2011 07:01 PM - permalink
    Bryon I need your wonderful help once again. My threads called Golden wonder killifish( ).
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