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My planted tanks
Here are some pictures of my planted tanks. All have sand.

I used pool filter sand for the light colored pictures for my 55 gal, 20 gal. tank,

My 10 gal is a mix of eco-complete and black sand, the 6 gal. is eco-complete and black sand, 3 gal. is black sand. All these tanks are low light, no C02, root tabs in for my Sword Plants and Crypt. All other plants I have not used tabs for. I do not vacumme the sand any poop is fertilizer for my plants. I surface clean the sand when it gets dirty and do 20-25% water change a week , I test with a API dropper kit once a week. Very low up keep. I have 2 15Watt flourescent bulbs over my 55 gal. All- Light Aquarium bulb.
1 25 watt over my 3 gal. compact flourescent low wattage output uses 11 watts output is 25watts.
1 15 watt fluorescent over my 6 gal.
1 15 watt fluorescent over my 20 gal
1 15 watt fuorescent Flora sun over my 10 gal.
2 Bumblebee platies in my planted tank
Java Fern attatched to driftwood & a little red cherry shrimp
Planted 3 gal. tank with  black sand
Planted 55 gal. tank with sand 2
Planted 55 gal. tank with sand 3
Planted 55 gal. tank with sand
Planted 20 gal. tank 4
Planted 10 gal. tank
Planted 3 gal. tank with  blk.sand
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