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  1. GNWCO12
    11-01-2014 04:28 PM - permalink
    So glad to hear you and your babies are doing well too! I recently bought 3 new fish rosy red minnows, and a turtle back in May and they are all enjoying life...sorry to hear about your oldest baby but I'm sure he had such an amazing life, so he will go peacefully
  2. ANHEL123
    10-28-2014 10:07 AM - permalink
    Thank you so much for your reply so glad you and your babies are doing good! I am ok i am more on fb now as an animal advocate there overwhelmed a little Don't come to forum anymore but missing it so much! Alll my babies are fine and the older one will die soon But he had a good life:)
  3. GNWCO12
    10-16-2014 11:39 PM - permalink
    Sorry I am almost a month late. I did not get an email saying you had posted to my wall. Iri and I are doing well, about 2 months ago he did catch something lilnaugrim identified for me, I can't seem to remember the name, he still has it I think, but I was told he'd fight it off on his own with time so I'm waiting for that. Other than that he is doing well, eating and behaving fine, still feisty haha. He had managed to either nip or rip his tail, I'm leaning more towards nip, but at any rate it hasn't gotten worse. He did have a long rip in his bottom fin but that has healed tremendously. He's my little soldier for sure (: how are you and your babies?
  4. ANHEL123
    09-26-2014 12:50 PM - permalink
    Hello i was not here in a while how is betta? How are you?
  5. ANHEL123
    01-27-2014 05:10 PM - permalink
    Thank you for being such a caring person!!!
  6. GNWCO12
    01-27-2014 04:44 PM - permalink
    Thank you so much! I appreciate all you have done!
  7. ANHEL123
    01-27-2014 01:15 PM - permalink
    I am glad , i checked on your thread , glad everything going so far - is good!
  8. GNWCO12
    01-25-2014 10:51 PM - permalink
    will do, thanks for asking lilnaugrim, got a lot of good advice and tips
  9. ANHEL123
    01-25-2014 11:32 AM - permalink
    Always please add Prime . I am leaving to work and decide to check on you. I see you talking to lilnaugrim , you in the good hands. So i can leave lol I will check on your guys today after work i hope everything is ok. Let me know if you need anything. I saw you posted all your questions for lilnaugrim i know she is good .
  10. GNWCO12
    01-25-2014 03:38 AM - permalink
    Thank You So Much, I Will Await Her reply. GoodNight/Morning
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