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Conversation Between EvaJupiterSkies and Hallyx
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  1. EvaJupiterSkies
    11-12-2013 11:48 AM - permalink
    I did not know that, but that's marvelous to know! You also just totally gave me a better name for my snail, inadvertently (he/she is just not a Dakota)... I love Corona for a name.

    Thank you so much! He and Esmeralda both are really bright spots in my life. I live alone, and while that has a lot of perks, sometimes it gets lonely. It's really nice knowing I'm coming home to fish that are so happy to see me walk in the door. I love them both very much.
  2. Hallyx
    11-12-2013 06:27 AM - permalink
    That Tycho is one beautiful fish.

    Up near the constellation Orion is a small circle of stars called the Pliedes. The great astronomer Tycho Brahe claimed these and gave them to his girlfriend. Tycho called them Corona de Beatrice.

    Perhaps you already know this lovely story.

    Welcome to the forum.
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