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Conversation Between Morguex and SurfinCrab
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  1. Morguex
    12-05-2013 06:17 PM - permalink
    Hello Surfin

    Pretty much the same on my end, just trying to keep all the fishes happy, funny thing is I'm thinking about getting another 5 gallon, really want to get another betta or maybe get a 10 and do a sorority. Bettas are very addictive. I stop by my pet store every couple of weeks for food and supplies for my 55 gallon tank and always make the mistake of walking by the betta section. Want to buy them all.

    Glad to hear the new guy is doing well, sadly most people would just walk by a sick fish, I guess us bettas keepers are a different breed, we want to rescue them all.
    How is he doing now? Really hope he is ok.

    Everything is fine on my end, just finished most of my Christmas shopping, have to get one more thing for my niece, I have no idea what to get a 8 year old.

    Hope you and yours are well.
  2. SurfinCrab
    11-25-2013 05:38 PM - permalink
    Hello Morguex,
    Things are busy. Just trying to keep all my tanks and Guys and Girls Happy. I went into Petco last week. Big mistake. Saw a poor fellow that had been there for a few weeks, yes weeks. I almost got him the first time I saw him, He gave me the "YOU WANT ME LOOK", but I passed. Now he was clamped up and breathing hard. So, I got him. Epsome salts, API General Cure and Indian Almond leaves. Didn't think he would make it. But now he is unclamping, active and eating. So signs are good.
    How are you and yours doing????
  3. Morguex
    11-20-2013 09:14 PM - permalink
    How's things SurfinCrab?

    Stopping by to say "Hi :) "
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