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When do baby mollies develop gender & shape?

This is a discussion on When do baby mollies develop gender & shape? within the Livebearers forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> Right on. Yes, patience is key when owning any pet, especially fish. And as I've found, ferrets too. lol I'm glad it cleared up ...

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When do baby mollies develop gender & shape?
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Right on. Yes, patience is key when owning any pet, especially fish. And as I've found, ferrets too. lol

I'm glad it cleared up for you. If it took more than two weeks it was likely a cycle bacterial bloom that cleared up when your beneficial bacteria was able to finally handle everything(even if you cycled the tank, if you had too many fish it might send it right back with the ammonia and large changes needed).

By the way, the photo you posted of your male dalmatian molly on another help thread...That is the most gorgeous more white than black Dalmatian Molly I've ever seen.

This is my dark beauty I named Comet, the more black than white dalmatian. You should post it here too. =) Yours has that blue on the tail too, it's actually pretty rare from what I've been told. It's not the best photo though, sorry. Back then I couldn't take pics that great, still can't really though some come out alright. lol Comet died last year. I have one female baby left from him(she's an adult now and just had her first brood a little while ago, though unfortunately I didn't have a dalmatian male to go with her) who looks like him without the extreme fins.
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Wink Female Molly like yours

I have a female Dalmatian Molly with the Lyretail colored like yours, except it is a balloon belly one, not the streamlined shape. But she did have babies, so I am hoping there are some nice Dalmatian Mollies in there to grow up to be beautiful. I know there are several by the color & they have the normal shape, just hope they don't turn into balloon bellies, too.

I now know the balloon bellies are hybrids, and at first I thought they couldn't have babies, but 3 of them have. One, the first I bought because it looked like she was about to pop, fooled me, and after a month and half I started checking and found out it is a Male, balloon belly. The female really big balloon belly hasn't had any babies at all, but she is the head lady fish -- an aggressive alpha female. Very unusual color and shape, but no babies which is unusual.

Having gotten the big second batch, there are 2 gorgeous males -- one is a 3" iridescent, yellow head sailfin lyretail Molly (which I am told is called a green one?) that I am trying to get a pix of. When I do, I will post it. He is a big boy, and flits about like a leader, but he isn't. The leader is an orange sailfin Molly, who will knock your socks off he is so aggressive. He will breed with anything that is in the tank, and chases all of the fish constantly.

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