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True, the horizontal space is so important, for MOST fish, I think. And yes, its hard to heat and filter a 1 gallon (I've tried with treating a sick fish and it was a failure, as the filter and heater were both way too big, even the smallest they make). Its also harder to keep the water parameters in a good range, and if you have an ammonia spike, it escalates so much faster than a larger tank. Besides, I feel so sorry for any fish in a tank that small! Nowhere to swim and exercise!

10 gallon- 8 Harlequin Rasboras, 1 female betta.

20 gallonH - 1 Peacock Gudgeon, 2 Skunk Cories, 1 Sparkling Gourami. , one male betta, 2 nerite snails.

55 gallon - 3 Turquoise Rainbows, 1 Boesemani Rainbow, 2 Australian Rainbow, 4 Gold Dust mollies, 1 L. Dorsigera, 2 White Cloud Mountain Minnows, 1 Honey Gourami, 3 Cherry barb, 1 Koi Angelfish, 4 female betta.
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Good to know. Thats actually why we bought our 55 gallon it was only 55$! I will look into getting him a 5 gallon, and maybe adding a few shrimp and some other small invertibrates cause I like those too :) I think I may switch back, putmy femaler back in the community tank and put all the babies in the 1 gallon until theyre big enough. Funny thing though I measured the actual amount of water my "1 gallon" can hold its actually almost 2 lol. My female just doesnt seem happy with it though despite the plants and aerator and everything. Shes lonely :( When she look absolutely full to bursting I guess Ill see how she does in the nursery. You only know if you try it once and Ive heard great revies from some people. Another odd thing too my momma who just had babies is already round again. Not square or anything. But her spot is dark black again and shes got a belly. How did that happen.
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They do that. They'll give birth and then just puff right back up. I will say this (although I doubt this is why) that guppies can have multiple pregnancies going at the same time. For example, they could give birth to say 12 babies and then a couple days later give birth to 10 babies. The two batches could even have different fathers. I haven't actually seen it happen but I've heard about it
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REALLY? Holy wow thatd be crazy! I got a camera btw im going to upload pics of my 3 tanks (established tanks I mean) and my fish so you all can see what im working with here lol. Especially so you can look at my big female and tell me how much bigger shell get before popping! I put my babies in the 1 gallon btw. Theyre doing so great! Swimming around vigorously and grazing on the moss I put in the tank. They love it! My betta is in the "1 gallon" thats actually about 2. He loves the extra swimming space! I put the aerator in his tank he has been "playing" aka chasing the bubbles. So cute! And my big female perked right back up when I put her back in the 10 gallon. Now everyones happy!
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I'm glad everything is going so well...looking forward to pics!
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Spongebob Guppy Tank - 0 gallon Freshwater fish tank

Heres the link to my 10 gallon. Anyone care to give me their spin on what kind of guppies I have? Ive heard a trillion different things. ANy body have more educated guesses?
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1 Gallon Fry Tank - 0 gallon Freshwater fish tank

My Guppy Fry Tank :) They look like sperm...just sayin lol
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"1 Gallon" Betta Tank - 2 gallon Freshwater fish tank

And my Betta Tank. Sorry the pics are blurry my batteries were dying. The glass/platic whatever is thicker in this tank too.
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Btw the very last female there are pics of is the female that just had babies, and shes already huge again. Maybe shell surprise me with more babies in a few days! lol. The orange female is the one Im really unsure about shes big and getting a bit rectangular but isnt quite there yet I think. Still trying to figure it all out... :)
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Those are some nice guppies. I think the orange male might be classified as a sunrise? Not sure about that. The blue male looks just like that. I'm not sure there is a specific name for him. Your other male (who is my favorite) definitely has a snakeskin pattern. I'm hoping to breed mine so that most of the babies end up with a bit of snakeskin pattern whether just on their tail or on their body as well. I'm hoping to get another snakeskin kind of like yours but I need to make sure I get one or two more females before I get another otherwise my ratio is going to be a bit off and I'll start losing females again.
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