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A fishtank is a fishtank. I hope to have many of all sizes before its over with. lol
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Still no babies btw. GGGRRR!
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Haha. It's really hard to be patient isn't it? You feel so close and get excited and then it doesn't happen until a bit later. It seems like everytime you expect babies "in a few days" the females make you wait even longer.
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Exactly. And you were right too. Just when I thought she couldnt get any fatter SHE DID. Now Im superbly antsy its horrible lol. Im checking the tank like every 5 minutes looking for babies. Its sad hahaha...
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I do the same thing. Except most of my females haven't been giving birth every month and when they do, they don't get incredibly big so I can't tell (two of them are juveniles. How they can fit even 5-10 fry in their bellies I don't know)
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When my platy had fry, I watched them being born, and either the mother or other fish ate them before they could even swim away! So be prepared in case that happens. There is no way I could be fast enough to catch them with a net, as they were eaten in about 2 seconds! I have the fake anenomes and fake "Grass" on the bottom, and fake plants floating on the top, in addition to tall anubias (two varieties) and several java ferns. This is in a 55 gallon. Even so, the babies didn't escape. Its been 3 weeks, and no sign of any survivors. I have four caves as well, so there are plenty of hiding places, so its just a matter of the fry being able to swim away in time. When I had a balloon molly give birth in a 10 gallon by herself, I was able to find 6 babies and put them in one of those little plastic breeders, where they stayed for a month, then I turned them loose in my commuity tank, and they all made it!

10 gallon- 8 Harlequin Rasboras, 1 female betta.

20 gallonH - 1 Peacock Gudgeon, 2 Skunk Cories, 1 Sparkling Gourami. , one male betta, 2 nerite snails.

55 gallon - 3 Turquoise Rainbows, 1 Boesemani Rainbow, 2 Australian Rainbow, 4 Gold Dust mollies, 1 L. Dorsigera, 2 White Cloud Mountain Minnows, 1 Honey Gourami, 3 Cherry barb, 1 Koi Angelfish, 4 female betta.
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I have baby fish! When I realized shed had one I immediately removed all my other fish and let her have the tank for herself. As far as we've seen there are 12, all alive and swimming in the nursery. I cant tell if shes done so I switched and put her in the 1 gallon spare and put the others back in the 10 gallon. She still has a couple black spots in her belly but is much much skinnier. I dont know how long to isolate her. If I can help it I dont want to lose any babies but I dont want to keep her by herself for no reason. Any advice? How do I know when shes done?
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BTW Rocky we literally just bought a 55 gallon tank and I have started setting it up. What did you use to cycle your tank? I have a Chinese Algae Eater that Im thinking of using because he's getting too big for my 10 gallon tank but dont know if that wil be enough. I dont want it to take so long im too impatient. You said you have shrimp? Do they work better? I was looking into getting some but know little about them. Any thoughts?
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I'm not sure there are any signs (at least that I've seen) to show that she is done, but usually it only takes about 24 hours. So I would say if its been about 24 hours since the first baby, she is probably done. Also, simply for future reference, it's not usually good for the female to be moved right before she gives birth or right after. The pregnancy weakens the female and the move can stress her out unnecessarily. I'm sure she's fine but I just thought I'd let you know just in case so you don't have problems in the future.
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I do appreciate it greatly. I put her back and apparently she was done after the 12 we never saw any more comeout so. My biggest female is a light orangey red color with a bright red tail shes definitely next but again Im still learning with all this so I dont know when to really expect her to pop. I can see eyes in her belly but her spot is still really orange. Any thoughts? Should I not worry for a little while yet or should I go ahead and put her in the 1 gallon? Shes a big female like I said about 2 1/4 inches instead of 1 3/4 like the others, not sure how she got so big so fast she came in with the other females and they all started out the same size. Just trying to be sure I can isolate her in the 1 gallon instead of having to take all the others out of the 10 gallon again. Going to be really prepared this time or try anyway lol
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