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I don't think it matters too much. Guppies breed so much that unless your trying to breed for a specific trait it won't matter. They might hide in your hollow spongebob but I can't say for sure. I've never had any of mine hide in the hollow objects in my tank. They preferred to sit inside the plants or hover above the gravel for the most part. I haven't really gone around classifying my guppies but I know I have 1 male cobra, 1 male lyretail, 1 male cobra endler and it looks like one of fry is going to be a lyretail as well (fingers crossed for a female!!)
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Torythefishmom...... I am breeding guppies and I have read about floating moss..... I have some in my maternity tank now (lfs gave me a sprig) . It is just a small amount at the moment but after reading up on it i agree.... the guppy fry will automatically go to the top of the tank. If you have some moss in there they can hide from the moms. Mine have not eaten any of their young yet, but that doesn't mean they won't...... I now have over 100 fry that i will be sexing in the next few weeks. and have 5 more moms expecting. Good luck with the new fry, it is a site to watch them giving birth and watching the babies grow *S*
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Hallie I did debate getting some floating moss but Ive heard mixed results on what it does to your filter if and when some pieces break apart lol. If it will better aid my babies I will look into it. We go tomorrow to pick up the 55 gallon and I am so excited! Cant wait to get it started. Will keep all posted!
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As a side note will it matter if I add my babies back to my communtiy tank to breed? Since I'm not sure who fathered what and all?
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Like Dragonfry said..unless you want to keep a certain strain "pure" matters not. All your females likely pregnant now. Start with one of your new fry females and try to keep her from any males until you decide who you want to breed her to for whatever reason...but guppies are just colorful little guys to enjoy ,not fret over!
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Yeah It's not really a problem to add them back in. I do that with mine as well. Chances are she won't mate with her father and then her children won't mate again with her father and so on. It takes a couple of generations of inbreeding before you can see a slight decline in health as a result of inbreeding.
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I know I get so technical but I want to learn as much about this as possible and be great at it! At what point can you tell the sex of the babies? And I have another dilemma! Apparently my Chinese Algae Eater is getting so big hes knocking things over in the tank! I dont want him to harm my guppies nor get rid of him hes my favorite fish! Were picking up the 55 gallon tank in a few hours and setting it up to begin cycling. I read in the fish profile theyre hardy and will withstand the cycling process. Should I move him to the big tank ASAP and let him be a loner for a while or leave him in my 10 gallon and hope he doesnt hurt my guppies?
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If I remember correctly you can usually tell definitively at about 3-4 weeks of age. Although, I've found (with a little practice) that I can usually tell a bit earlier just because of how much color they have. I assume you already know how to sex them?
You know, you could probably leave him in there for a bit but if your worried about him knocking something over and hurting your guppies, why don't you just move him over. I'm sure he wouldn't mind being a loner. As they aren't typically social fish (or you would most likely have one or two more for him to play with) I don't think your guppies would be hurt, but if you are worried about it I would just switch him over and he can help you cycle the tank
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get some bushy plants and some bushy floaters itll give the fry places to hideout. best advice I can give at the moment
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Ive looked into some Anubias plants? Ive heard they grow extremely well and easily and are dense enough to house Guppy babies. Also looked into adding some driftwood and moss to the tank as well. I plan to make this tank a sanctuary for my little ones :) I do know how to sex the Guppies initially I didnt. Is it better to feed them normal crushed up flakes or should I get something different for them? What will make them healthier and grow better?
And according to the pet place I got him from my algae eater wont grow bigger than 8 inches. They supposedly only get so big in the wild. IDK like I said from what Ive read they get huge so hes going in the 55 gallon ASAP. Im waiting for my dad to finish the stand for it but as soon as its done I'm going to get everything going and start setting it up. Weve decided on a mix of black gravel and sand, a few pieces of Manzanita Driftwood and Aquarium Rock, and a ton of plants. Still deciding on what kinds. I lovethe Anubias plants all of them are beautiful and apparently easy to grow and maintain. Some moss of course. Gonna have to learn how to make it grow on other surfaces besides sand and gravel I want to attach some to my driftwood and my rock. Any other suggestions plant wise?
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