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Two pregnant fish, how long do you think it'll be?

lol Well, I have some pregnant fish...two of them are EXTREMELY pregnant, they look like they're about to blow up! One is a Red Neon Swordtail, she looks like a bubble, and the other is a Blue Mickey Mouse Platy, she's not quite as large, although with the photos I've got you'd think my platy was bigger, my swordtails tummy is about double her size.

I've had them both for quite a while now, my blue platy actually has given birth since I've had her, but that was about a week or two ago and she only had a couple babies(She ended up having some-sort of issue, like a prolapse that went back in and never had a problem with it since and only had one or two babies, my other female platy also had some babies and has started getting huge again too)...since then, she just gotten bigger and bigger. Do you think it'll be another two weeks, or do you think my blue platy is about to blow up soon and have her kids?

As for my swordtail...I think I've had her almost a month. When I got her, I could see a dark area inside her I assumed was either new babies or eggs, but until this last week or so, she really wasn't that big. She was visibly pregnant, but now she's really ballooned out. How long do you guys think it'll be? Should I start preparing a nursery now you think? =)

I'm better at this stuff with mollies, really. lol I've never had a molly get quite this big! Here's a few photos. How many babies do you think I should expect? Estimate really, I know you can't tell for sure. ^^;

My Blue platy has started acting slower the last two days or so, but my swordtail is showing no signs of slowing down. lol

First pic is my Blue MM Platy, you can see my Red Tiger is usually hanging around her:

Next up is my Red Neon Swordtail, she's harder to get pictures of since she's still moving about fast unlike my blue platy, sorry if they're a bit smeary:

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My guess would be since they are starting to square off, within a week. They can have 2 or 80 ya never know.

I never put mine in a nursery or breeding box or net. I let them have their babies in my big main tank. I would be overrun if I tried to save them all. So only the strong survive. With my last 2 drops, I have only 2 fry survive. Which is fine with me.

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Haha, a lot of people do that, but I just can't. When I do, usually all the babies die. It seems my swordtail gave birth in the main tank and I got zero babies. ^^; Well, all my other adults wont be needing food for a day or two. That kinda sucks though, I wanted some.

I usually let them give birth in the main tank, or in the nursery tank too, but lately I haven't been getting any babies. I like to raise them and either sell them or give them away to a shop if I can't find a buyer. It's more work and money spent on things for care, but it's fine with me. =) My Platy is still nice and chunky, so I'm hopeful. lol It looks like my swordtail is still pregnant or carrying a second batch too.

Since I no longer have a ten gallon for a nursery, I use a large net that I put plants in and block off the bottom for the babies to hide in where mom can't get them, but I still don't put them in there unless I see a baby born or mom in labor, roomey as it is. The swordtail babies woulda been my first if I had saved any. x.x The tank she is in has a couple platy, a betta and African Dwarf Frogs. I intended to move her once I saw her going all laborey, but it seems she had other plans and I got none. lol

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Oh man, what rotten luck! I didn't get any babies from my Blue MM Platy either. I like to raise youngins and sell/give them away though I know many don't and just let the strong survive.
It seems my other fish are evil little baby eating monsters...>>; Meh, I guess that's just how they are. I was so hopeful too. =( It's hit or miss without putting mom in a tank by herself. lol I only got two babies from the last two deliveries of Dalmation Lyretail babies too, but before I got those two females...I always had good luck finding seven+ babies. I wonder if they're the culprits.

Well, Cest la vie(Such is life) I suppose. I was so hoping to share good news for those reading! =(

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I see you're in Colorado. Me too. Thornton. I have lots of baby mollies and juvenile MM platties. want some?
send me a message.
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I live way far from where you are, I'm closer to Castle Rock than I am to Thorton. lol But maybe some time. Right now I have too many myself, I just love to get them and raise 'em up though. ^_^ Working on a bigger tank, so if you have some nice looking kids I -may- take you up on the offer at a later date. =p

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