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Yes, I see mollies =) At first, I thought the last one was a platy due to the twin bar pattern. Very unusual to see that on a molly.

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great thanks
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Was looking in my tank and found out I have 1 fry
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Awesome! Might be more that you can't see. Get them seperated fast or they WILL be eaten.

To protect your fry I would strongly suggest a second tank with live plants and no other fish. The plants are for the growing fry to nibble on. Try anacharis, most omnivorous fish find it very tasty!

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today I have 2 I think she's having 1 a day lol I've looked all over and that's all I can find. I don't have another tank so that option is out for me right now. There hiding in my plants right now they come out a little to eat. I have lots of fake plants in there and a log decoration.

I was gonna vacuum my tank Friday but guess I won't do that lol. I'm suppose to do a water change Friday according to the directions on the melafix I'm using for my tank
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Mollies are my favorite fish but you have to come up with a plan for the fry.Leaving them in the parents tank is really only a short term solution as your tank will quickly become over populated. You can pretty much count on 20+ babies per month per female.The best possible solution, to me, is to find a locally owned pet store that would give you store credit for your fry.The solution that I choose is a separate tank with a predator. Not the most pleasant thing ,I try to avoid watching, but it is effective. Good Luck
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theres no local pet store actually. I plan on giving some away when i get to many.
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the closest pet store is over an hour away thats why i had to buy these fish from walmart
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can mollies and guppies be in the same tank as an angel fish?
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Mollies guppies and angelfish CAN be kept together if the tank is large enough. Angelfish get pretty big though, and mollies like special water, but you could make it work. If you want fry though, don't keep the pregnant mothers with angels or the angels will eat all the fry very quickly. For the angels a long term home would be 50 gallons or more IMO.
This is how MTS ( multiple tank syndrome) starts!

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