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Talking crap about mollies.... literally

My lyretail creamsicle mollies poop a lot. Is that common? I have never had mollies before, but the leave long (2 inches) trails all over the tank.

Just curious - or maybe I'm feeding them too much?
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Could be feeding them too much... but mollies are generally messy fish. They eat a lot and poop a lot.

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Same problem here.....Just don't feed them as much or try fasting them 1 day a week.

It's a poop stopping trick that has worked for me but sadly Im breeding now so I have to feed my fish well and do daily water changes..oh and clean up the 1 - 2" poop + dead plants.


Try a varied diet of flake food, crushed cichlid pellets, and live foods like brine or blood worms. Don't forget the live or pelleted algae or live plants.

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maybe its just how the fish are :):):)

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