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Sylvers Fry Updates - Livebearers(pics)

This is a discussion on Sylvers Fry Updates - Livebearers(pics) within the Livebearers forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> I can't believe I haven't put up any photos of my baby BN plecos! =O Well, in my defense, they're not easy to get ...

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Sylvers Fry Updates - Livebearers(pics)
Old 08-25-2014, 12:11 PM   #31
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I can't believe I haven't put up any photos of my baby BN plecos! =O Well, in my defense, they're not easy to get shots of in a 73 gallon pool...I have five. I started out with six one inch babies(give or take on the size a bit) a few weeks ago, one died soon after arrival. The rest have nearly doubled in size and are now active, but they are quite shy and don't like me standing over the pool. lol However, I dumped in some emerald entree today and ALL of them, and even my loaches, came out to eat. They look so good. I honestly see very little of them, they're always in their caves. A couple of them are starting to get in some major bristles. It's hard to find good quality BN plecos here, the males tend to have some pretty pathetic bristles and the females are as smooth as glass. Rarely healthy either, so I had ordered some online. I can see the difference in them already, they came from a nice breeder. I got three long-fins and three normal BN plecos. I think I lost one of the long-fins, they seem less hardy, and their genes were mixed with regulars. I'm hoping that they'll also mix with the regulars and get some more good health in there, even if it does mean less long-fins...totally worthless and silly to make fancy fish that have poor health. At least, that's what I've seen of them so far, I know full well many have good luck with them. I've yet to have a healthy one though.

Anywho, I'll try to get some photos of them eventually, I promise.

Now onto that swordtail that was half red and half's gone all white on me. =o I wonder why. Well, it's more of an off-white(except instead of being yellowish it's more of a pinkish color) with mickey, he's a nice fish though. I admit, I'm bummed about his color going, I didn't change his diet but I DID move him from the 73 gallon pool to the planted 20 gallon(he's now in my 55 gallon).
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Old 08-25-2014, 01:09 PM   #32
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Wonder why Petco, PetSmart, and some LFS all have sick fish?

I have long wondered about the stores that order fish in from the west coast, say they are great, and then a short time later they are all sick and die. Every time I have gone to such a store, the fish are non-healthy, have ICH, or swim bladder disease, or something else. I bought 2 Mollies recently to shore up my male population, wanted more genes, and both died within 1.5 weeks. They were too slender at the start, seemed to not be as healthy as my own, and didn't scoot after the females. One came from a tank where another one had visible ICH. Why did I buy them, because there wasn't anything else available. My hope was to treat them and maybe they would survive. Now I have to go back and try to get some more, hopefully these new ones will be better. But I hate this...

All of my 300 or so home-grown Mollies are healthy, only the purchased ones had any problems. Why do breeders send out sick fish?? I can't believe they get sick just because they were shipped out. Most have it showing already when they arrive, so they must have been shipped out unhealthy. I would like to order some males from the online sources, but can't afford it as they charge a lot for a few fish. So I will have to wait and breed my own, getting some males from the appx. 7 month old teenagers, a little more time and they should be ready.

Now about your Swordtail losing his color as he grew up, I think my Mollies get MORE color as they age, when they look "nude" when born, that is a transparent non-color, they then become Dalmatians, or Harlequins as they age. I love seeing the half-black/half orange ones, and the speckled silver and orange ones developing which is so cool. And I have a brownish speckled one with a black tail, that looks like she ran into a mud-slinging creator. The easy ones are the silver, which come out silver and stay that way. The Dalmatians are all over the map, some are very light, some are medium, some are almost black. This is such fun!
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Old 08-25-2014, 02:51 PM   #33
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When I get fish, I go online now. A lot of the providers for popular, or even for many private, LFS's are sending out sick, inbred, parasite infested fish. Still a chance when you order online though, best to try and find a private breeder like you and me(some are really good, some have no idea what they're doing so check info and ask questions!).

I've got some mollies for sale on ebay right now if you're interested. Swordtails and platies too, though all but the orange MM swords and some mollies are fry. I'll pop up the links.

Got some gold twinbar platy fry.
5 Gold Twinbar platy Fry Tropical Fish | eBay

My orange swords:
3 Young Orange Swordtail Tropical Fish Livebearers | eBay

Orange/red painted swordtail fry:
4 Orange Red Painted Swordtail Fry Tropical Fish | eBay

Gold dust marble mix mollies, juveniles:
5 Young Gold Dust Marble Mix Molly Tropical Fish | eBay

And also my silver butterfly/gold dust mix molly fry:
5 Silver Butterfly Gold Dust Mix Molly Fry Tropical Fish | eBay

And also some adults, or sub-adult, mollies. Those short fin black and gold ones you like, as well as either some of the calicos or gold dust/marble mixes with them. =)
1 Male Shortfin mix Molly + 3 gold dust/marble or Calico Molly Fish
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Old 08-25-2014, 03:31 PM   #34
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The lyretail orange and black one

That orange/black Molly who seems to have the beginnings of lyretail coming, in the 3rd picture, is not in your description, unless you are calling it a calico. Is this a male? Or maybe you can't see gender yet. This is the type of male that I would be looking for, rather than a standard Dalmatian/marble or Gold Dust. That is probably where it comes from, but I want some unusual colors in my offspring. Let me know as I might bid on it. Females I have in abundance, all colors, all styles. I need some MALES!! I have some Gold Dust and some Dalmatians -- but I need some of breeding age in the future.

You know, the BB Gold Dust male is still chasing the women... he doesn't seem any worse for his bumpy egg-ridden head growths, which is a major "hat" decor that you won't see too often. But I don't want him to breed with anything but the BB girls I am giving him to keep him happy (most are too young at the moment for babies). I did not think he would still be alive -- if his females had babies, would the fry have that crown on their heads, too?! ♥♥♥
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Old 08-25-2014, 04:53 PM   #35
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Originally Posted by dancelady View Post
That orange/black Molly who seems to have the beginnings of lyretail coming, in the 3rd picture, is not in your description, unless you are calling it a calico. Is this a male? Or maybe you can't see gender yet. This is the type of male that I would be looking for, rather than a standard Dalmatian/marble or Gold Dust. That is probably where it comes from, but I want some unusual colors in my offspring. Let me know as I might bid on it. Females I have in abundance, all colors, all styles. I need some MALES!!
The two in the first photo for the shortfin mixed males, they do have lyretails, but they're not extreme, more like little points and I don't expect them to get any more prominent. The ones in the third photo, well it's a mish mosh really, not counting the obvious silver lyretail and dalmation, there are gold dusts(actually red panda lyretails mixed with normal gold dusts for better health and body shape), one calico on the side who is three colors, male as you can see. If you DO bid, send me a note on who you are and I'll do my best to get you all males, no promises as some are still a bit young and can change, but I will try. ^_~ The middle photo is a marbled gold dust. =) She's female, bigger than she was when the photo was taken, and pregnant, she's being used as an example photo, I do however have a similar looking male. Most will be a bit younger but SHOULD be ok with adults, I dunno about yours but mine leave them be. lol Or if you want, leave a note and I'll toss you some younger fry in a different bag that are gold marble mixes.

If any of you guys DO bid or buy them, please, please send me a message versus a note and tell me what the weather and temp is said to be for the week of shipping. I make little ice packs and insulate them for days over 80-85F or so, this way they stay cooler but don't get cold.

*ADD* I forgot to mention, most of the marbled gold dusts have a lot more orange on them. Some have gotten in the darker coloring, but I can't tell you exactly what they'll look like since most get in those darker colors for the first couple months. I do have a few orange ones with black caps and tails though, they're pretty neat. I think they will be calicos though!
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Old 08-26-2014, 12:55 PM   #36
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I got a video update on my "Fish Pool" with most of my fry in there, and also of my BN plecos, and Oscar the pleco(unknown type, was sold as a common but seems to be something else with his face shape and fin shape, and his color, not that you can see it all that well here, he's brown/green with gold stripes and spots).

So, the video is processing on the lighting as of this post time, should fix soon enough though, so sit tight if you can't see it too well, having the overhead light on gets right into the shot, and the other lights are perfect for the plants and for them, but don't seem to be much for the camera...although I think it's less a lighting problem as the reflection makes it hard to focus without going darker. lol
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Old 09-24-2014, 05:03 AM   #37
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Fish Update!:

So about a week and a half or so ago I got three Bumblebee platies. Normally I stay away from them because every time I get any they die....but the pet shop got a new provider and had some pretties, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I believe this is from day two or three, my gold gourami has been removed as of the day before. Male platy is on the bottom right, he was already doing better, but you can tell he's ailing a bit in the photo. I need updated photos for you guys, I promise I'll get around to it, eventually...been so busy, I haven't gotten to update my threads as often as I'd like, but I try to get to some of them. =) I'll also try to get some of the babies. Right now I have them in a breeding cup, where they'll stay for a few more days, then they'll probably go down to the 73 gallon pool. Or to another tank, like my 20 gal with the endlers for a time...they grow slow and I want them ALL alive and not eaten...bigger babies tend to beat up smaller ones. >_>; They're so hard to come by here, I am determined. Well, I'm always determined when it comes to my fish, especially the babies, I hate to let anything go wrong if I can avoid it, so call me OCD with care.... lol Hopefully I can find another small group of males and females unrelated, and healthy, or at least fixable like my boy here. I'd like to breed them. I am not as big on platies anymore because they grow so slowly and the moms give birth often taking up a ton of room, but these guys I'll make a huge exception for, and the gold twinbars...

...Wonder what'll happen if I mix them, the bumblebees and twinbars, they're both gold and black, one is just all gold with black-bars on the tail, the other is all spotted or saddled or patched with black. Hrm...I could try it. lol Might just end up with lighter bumblebees or twin-bar bumblebees which would be EPIC. But I'll have to pick and choose, I don't want to destroy the breed bloodlines for all of them, maybe just one male and a couple twinbar girls, less chance of mixing up all my genes that way. :3

Two females and one male. The male was shredded up, but he was the only pretty male they had, the other two wanted nothing to do with us and just weren't that good looking. He had something funky going on with his tail, I assumed fin rot and fungus, was white and falling apart, as was one pectoral fin(that's one of the "arms" for those that don't know), and a huge green patch on his head I assumed was fungal again.

So, I had them in QT, yes, my QT has plants, never a good idea since treatments often kill them, but I hate not having plants....ahem. Anyways, the male started looking better after just three days, he's now normal though still regrowing his fins. The green patch is just about gone, all white patches are cleared up, just a few clean nips regrowing. He's gaining weight too, he was a tad thin, as was one of the females after she gave birth(only caught two, hence the gourami being removed once healed, she also had a nipped tail that needed attention). She's regained her weight now. And as of day before yesterday, her sister gave birth as well and looks to be growing a second brood I expect born within a week or so. I caught six or so from her now that the gourami wasn't there to eat them, and I keep seeing a few more in there, but I can't catch them. One in particular is almost fully black with a tad of yellow on his belly, which makes him nigh impossible to see on the black sand! I think he'll be ok, he's growing well already, even though they're slow growers.

I am so happy about them, they look good, thought my boy wouldn't survive because they never have before...I think their other provider was just garbage, rare to get fish that you could save, never got any healthy. In this case the male just had a nipped tail that got infected and fungused up by pet shop tank water, easy fix, he's good to go. Yay! I love these guys, I want to breed them and already have good luck. I have some gorgeous babies, some look like they'll have wonderful markings, but most, for now, are just gold with a few black spots, which certainly isn't ugly. They're quite interesting little fishies.

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Old 09-24-2014, 04:45 PM   #38
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They are looking good. I love Bumblebee and Twin Bar platies! I've stopped keeping platies altogether, however, since they are soooooo hard to catch (as you said) and the fact that I like more personable fish. Also, I had the same problem you're having. I'd get some platies, and inevitably they'd end up dying in a short period of time. Never buy from Petsmart or Petco, lol! It seemed one or two would survive, and I finally lost my beautiful twin bar not more than a few months ago. I had her for at least five years. That was when I said no more platies. My Boesemani Rainbow killed my turquoise rainbow the other day. Apparently they really got into it. They were the only males in the tank. The other five are all females. His eyes had been eaten, yuck. So now, no more Rainbowfish either. I'll keep the ones I have, but I'm not buying any more.

The nearest LFS I have is an hour away, so I make sure I stay out of Petsmart and Petco, as its too tempting, and they always end up sick and dying anyway. Lately I've been buying fish online. I am considering getting a few Peacock Gudgeons soon, as the one I had I really liked a lot. The personality was much like a female betta. Very inquisitive and friendly, yet not hyper.

So I have yet to find the perfect fish that I really enjoy. Well really, female bettas and Peacock Gudgeons are my favorite, but often, with the bettas, you'll get one in a sorority who chases the others. I've had pretty good luck with that though. I've only ever had to take two back for being too aggressive. Right now I only have one, as all the others died of old age, and she's happy in with the Rainbows, angelfish, minnows, balloon mollies, rice fish and cherry barb in the 55 gallon. Oh, there's a Honey gourami in there too. I just feed her separately, away from the others because bettas are a bit slow when it comes to eating.

I love the darker Bumblebee platies. I had one that had a lot of black compared to most Bumblebees, so I know what you mean. I love the markings.
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Old 10-06-2014, 10:00 PM   #39
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Ok, finally got some on my bumblebee babies. Oh and guess what? That black one I mentioned? I haven't seen him since the last I tried to catch him, so I thought he was dead....but when I moved a decoration to clean under it, there he was. I caught him now, and have photos. They're not the best, but eh, I marked one so you can see him versus his siblings. He's awfully large....But then, I know they grow slower in a cup, I'm thinking I may just release him back into the tank again. OR, I will move them to my 20 gallon endlers tank. =) They'll grow faster, I just have to move some crayfish out of the endlers tank first. And...also still QT'd for the parents in the same tank, so I am not that comfortable moving them yet. x.x

Anywho, photos. You can see some parents. I have a video too, but it's not uploaded yet. lol

LOOK how black he is! He's gonna be AWESOME!

Same without the doodles...

That pink coral decoration(not real coral) is what he was hiding under. lol He's been sharing it with a young crayfish, not sure how he's alive still.

You can see mom in this one, by the flash of the light. She's not very dark....her sister is though, but mom of little Blackie there is her...though the male I have, which may or may not be the father(there were several males with her, he was the one with the most black though). Most came out like her. The other female had some babies too, but they didn't show up for the photos.

You can see mom again, that's not the best shot of the kids. lol I hate that breeder, too small, but my larger homemade ones wont fit. Another week and the kids could be safe with the parents anyways, but I'm really debating moving the kids to the 20 until big enough for the 73 gal.
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Old 10-07-2014, 09:20 PM   #40
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You're right--mom doesn't have that much black at all! There must have been a lot of fish with a lot of black on the sire's side, in order to throw a baby that looks almost completely black! I have never seen a black platy before, anywhere! That is so cool! I bet you're keeping that one! Let me know if you get more black babies in the future, and if you want to sell them. I'd be interested in a black, even though platies don't "float my boat," lol. But I'd make an exception for a black.
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