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Swordtails & Fantails

First let me say I have started my new hobby 4 weeks ago and I am loving it.

My question is I have 2 Fantail Golfish in a 3 gallon aquarium.(I know bad move) But it's all I had at the time :( I also have a 10 gallon fish tank with 2 male and 6 female swordtails in it. (not looking for any fry) :P

I want to get a 20 gallon tank and put the swordtails and fantails together. Is this a good idea seeing as how their both community fish? My only hold back so far was because of the amount of ammonia the goldfish are known for letting out.

Thank you very much for your time and it's great being here with all you folks who truely know your stuff.
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Well... Considering how big Goldfish can get and how much waste they are able to produce, I think they might outgrow the 20 gallon. Adding the Swordtails would just make it too crowded.

Of course, perhaps someone is able to prove me wrong, but that's what I think.
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Leave the swordtails in the 10 gallon, and put the fantails in the 20 gallon themselves. They need the new tank a lot more than the swordtails do =) And their completely different fish with different needs that dont belong together. The fan tails might outgrow the 20, but I kept my 2 in a 20 gallon for a long time untill they were about 2 inches and I kept the water levels down fine with regular water changes, they died because I introduced a new fish and it had a disease and they all passed within 2 weeks.
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Welcome to Fishforum.com.

6 swordtails in a ten gallons is already overcrowded. A trio may fit but these fish needed plenty of space to swim around. The goldfish will need far more than the 20 gallons. I can only recommend one in a 20 gallons with sufficient filtration and plenty of water changes.

Both cannot be mixed. Swordtails are tropical species whereas goldfish are coldwater.

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Have you thought of getting a bigger tank? Maybe something over 40 gallons?
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Originally Posted by aquathena
Have you thought of getting a bigger tank? Maybe something over 40 gallons?
(thanks for all the help so far folks) Yes I have thought of getting a bigger tank. When I went to petsmart (dont laugh) I looked at the sticker for the fantails and it says max length was 6inches. But I didnt see the "20gallon tank minimum" part. In the meantime I got the 10gallon for some swordtails wich I though was enough. And so far I believe it is. Seeing as how they are still young. If I got a 40 gallon not only would the wife kill me LOL but then what do I about the swords that are gonna get bigger too?

p.s. I read that tossing in some cooked green peas now and then in with the swords are good for them, how many and how ofen should I do this? (can the fantails also use this?)

Thanks a million folks, you guys have been great.
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Ah, I see. I was just thinking all your fish would probably fit in a tank that's at least 40 gallons. Your goldfish would probably outgrow it though. I really don't know what else to tell you. Goldfish and Livebeares are just not very compatible, since they prefer different temperatures and water conditions. Hopefully someone else can help you out with that.

P.S. Depending on the number of Swordtails you have, I think half a pea to one whole pea every couple of days should be fine. But be sure to peel the outer layer and shred the pea in little pieces. I'm not really sure if Goldfish can eat peas as well but I don't suppose it could hurt them. Peas are supposed to be very good for the digestive system.

P.P.S. I find the "six inches" size for Goldfish hilarious. I was told that when I bought my first one as a child and years later my Goldfish is nearly eight inches long. He currently resides in my father's koi pond.
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Had to come back here with a tear in my eye and report I lost one of my swordtails today!
The temp in the water I believe it was due to. When I came home today and checked the temp it was like 83 or 84. We have had some really hot weather here in Philly. The young lady at the store told me I should keep a heater in the tanks with the swords and keep it at 75. Even if it's summer time. So I did. I believe it was due to this information that one died so far. As of this evening I took out(unplugged) the heater in there. And again it was set at 75f. I will let it sit over night unplugged and see if the water temp comes down any. I changed 1/4 of the water to help a bit. (room temp water) Will see tomorrow if it drops a few degrees.

Anything else I can do folks?
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its not advisable to keep goldfish in a tropical tank, however, i do! my goldie has been in heated water for 8 months and hes doin just fine and i have a sword in there too. the size always depends on the breed of goldfish and the max size shoudnt include the tail, correct me if im wrong! mine is a fantail and he is about 4 inches at the mo but still growing. my dad has a goldfish, got it wen it wa tiny now its 8 inches inc tail. so just be warey. sorry to hear about ur sword loss. someone else in another topic suggested that u should freeze a bottle of water and pop that in the tank, or ice cubes, good luck
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Thanks for the input, but wouldn't tossing in a frozen bottle of water or some ice cubes send the swords into a state of shock? That would change the water temp very quickly and would shock them. Or am I wrong from everything I have read so far???
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