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I currently have two living in a 10gallon tank, its rather bare a small fake plant and a little rock cave i made. Now could i add any other fish to fit comfortable? Right now its a male, and a female and the male isn't too bad to her as for getting her irritated but he does it. Anything i can do to stop?Maybe add another female or other species?
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i had the same setup you had a while back. the male never quit bugging the female, i ended up with fry, so i dont think there is much to worry about(unless you dont want fry ). i added a blue gourami and an opaline gourami, but there is a veriety of fish you can add. just dont overstock. i picked this up in a good FW fish book.
w x l = total surface area, 1 inch of fish = 12 sq. inches surface area.

if your tank is the same as mine(most 10 gallon tanks are) it should be 20 x 10, total 200 square inches of fishy goodness to play with. hope it helps! :D
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i would get another 2 females. in the end it could result in him stressing her to death.
swordtails r pretty good community fish. as long as u dont get anything that nips fins. i have my swords with mollies, and a guppy. but used to be in a tank with cories, denison barbs, tetras and a few others. they r pretty peaceful. i think if u get 2 more females ur pretty much stocked tho
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Heres a picture of him, sorry it sucks.
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