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If you have a small space heater you could heat 1 room where your hospital tamk is to 75 -80. Your fish will be under way more stress if it is getting to cold. I times long gone it was common to use lighted candles underneath the slate bottoms that fish tanks used to have. I am not suggesting that at all. Put there are other ways to heat a small tank. You can fill soda bottles with very hot water and float them if need be too. All the best to you and your fishes.

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Ah, I love platy. Actually, it is kinda normal for them to swim around the bottom for anywhere from one day to a week(A week is rare though) after you first get them. Especially the girls, regardless of being pregnant. They do NOT like to be moved and put with fish they aren't used to, usually afraid and a bit stressed. But if she isn't picked at by other fish or moved around, she should recover quickly. She needs a few good hiding places and less lights for a while. When I first got new platy, I would keep the tank covered for the better part of the day, I'd leave the light on for three-five hours and then it was out again. Usually they all got over their awesome fun move within 48 hours, especially when they figured out where I feed them. =) Also, algae wafers are pretty good to give them the first day or two. Break it up into small pieces so they don't all mob it and fight over it. Although sometimes that forces them to interact and find out nobody is going to hurt them, that always upped the morale of my platy tank. Careful you don't let them eat too much though! They will eat it all if they can. =p

I used to have a big platy tank, and I had this one female that hid for a week after I got her, but she got over it. lol I had purchased her with one of her tankmates, her tankmate was just fine like yours. Just try to keep the tank covered and dark for a day, don't stare at them too much, they hate that on their first days.

*Edit* Ah, it's been a while since this was put up, I misread the date. How is your platy doing? :3

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Can we have a full list of the tank mates please? and a full list of the water test results.... there may be an easy answer to this but we need to know the full details of the tank.

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Gahk...I said platy, I meant how is your swordtail doing. lol I was using my platy as an example. x.x Don't I feel silly. x) But I meant to say a lot of female fish are like that, using my platy as an example for you. lol When I added a female molly to my tank of girls and a boy, she hid too, for about two days. ^^;
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I think she's just special needs. She gets enough to eat, poops, etc. I've had her for two weeks now, and she still mostly flops around and scoots on her belly, though sometimes she will swim up and around the tank a little. All the rest of the fish in the tank are normal.

and when i checked the tank tat day it was 0 ammonia 0 nitrites and 20 nitrates.
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Hmm, that's possible. I had a Bumblebee Platy that did that...unfortunatly she died after three months, she never did come out of her shell, I don't think that had anything to do with it though. lol

I wonder, maybe she needs a little encouragement. Maybe you should try some food that is irresistable to her and put it at the top of the aquarium, give her a little break by doing it near a plant or other hiding place though, that may get her to eventually come hang out with your buddies, but I'm not sure. I have this idea in my head that fish aren't what a lot of people think...I think they get both bored and lonely, and sometimes they need some gentle coaxing. And I am almost positive they sometimes get jealous. lol I have a gold molly that wouldn't come out until I started teasing her a bit with a Bloodworm. She'd come up for that, go back to hiding, but after about a week of it, she stopped hiding so much and now hangs out with my other mollies. She is very fond of my Silver molly too, so that helped.

I hope she comes out of her shell for you. Though it may not be too bad for them, you can't help but feel sad for them, thinking they're lonely and stuff. =(

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Yeah. She doesn't hide though! she just has issues! she swims along the front of the tank, and the sides. I see her a lot. And when she feels like it she swims with the other swordtails, but mostly just does her own thing! right now she's swimming her hardest up to the top of the tank. She's a strange one, but I'm happy to let her live out her cute little life in my tank :)
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