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The fish im getting are actually swordtails. Im going to get 4 or 5 of them for a 15 tank is this goood? Im finally giving my shark away to,

And i wanted to know if its bad for them to go from a 120 tank to a 15 and one with light and live plants to one with no light and fakeplants.

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It sounds like it should work. The only thing that might happen is the fish might be used to the live plants and with the fake ones they might injure themselves trying to hid ein them.
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A good ratio of male to females would be 2-3 females per male. This should help the females from being pushed too hard by the male.
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k Thx im thinking to upgrade pretty sooon to plants when i get my light made.
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K i got 4 females and 1 male today.

Would it be okay to get some tetras later? or would that be to much
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a couple of years ago I started out my tank with 1 male and 4 female swordtails and after about 3 months they started breeding like crazy and it seemed like every month I had 10 new fish in my tank....there were enough plants for the fry to hide in so several made it each time. They were in a community tank with tetras and several other little fish and did fine. Hopefully yours will breed like mine did.
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ya that would be cool.
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post #8 of 14 Old 03-10-2007, 04:06 PM Thread Starter
What kind of plants? And how big is your tank.
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dont get soft leaved plants, swordtails like to eat those.

amazon swords are nice and they provide covor from the males

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Could i get moss kinda stuff?

And i have someone that can give me some kinda floating plant when im ready.
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