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Originally Posted by Blue
Just make sure you don't use insecticides as the insects eaten by the fish might contain toxins and the fumes from insecticides prove to be hazardous by contaminating the tank water.
Duly noted.
There is only one bug that ever gets the DEET: Giant European Hornets. I get maybe 2 a year in my house, and I have a long range bug bomb that I keep just inside the garage to welcome them. Other than that, bugs are fed to the turtle or to spiders. (In my house, spiders are not killed. I tell my kids that killing a spider will make it rain. Really I just want them to eat any less welcome bugs.)

If You've never seen these fellows, they are the sive of my thumb, and their stinger is the size of a cat's claw, and jaws that can behead a honeybee like you or I would a gherkin. Terrifying little f*&%ers.

Logic is only the beginning of wisdom
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The hornets? Ah well. I was bitten by one in the neck while playing badminton.

Your Congo tetras will obviously eat several insects. I used to have 4 of them and they ate almost every insects entering my tank.
The only insect repellents I have here at the moment are my angelfish and penguin tetras.
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Been thinking about this. Normally, I like to try and preserve some geographic unity in my tanks, but I don't think this wwill work here (although feeding Caribbean coastal fish to African interior fish would be an interesting reversal of history, as it were.) So I am planning the following:

Top Stratum: 2 ABFs
Middle: 1 Leopard Ctenopoma, 3 Festivums, School of 6 Rosy Barbs
Bottom: 2 Bristlenosed Plecos, a Red Tailed Black Shark, and a Striped Raphael (or 2 spotted raphael) catfish.

I am pretty sure that will work. The barbs, though, may not be the best choice for the schooling fish. I have considered Diamond Tetras, but I think I am going to use those in my 75 next spring/summer.

I'll add the barbs first for cycling, then the plecos, the schooling fish, and then the rest as I pick them up.

Good plan?

Logic is only the beginning of wisdom
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I was thinking about this, and it's overcrowded.

Revising to: 2 ABFs, 3 Leopard Ctenos, a Senegal Bichir, 2 Bristlenoses, and a Trio of Swordtails for Fry generation/Dithering.


Logic is only the beginning of wisdom
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rainbow fish and gouramis eat my fry... but it's a planted tank so a few always make it
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