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sudden death?

i noticed my new male guppy a bit off colour with a rip in his fin and he was kinda not himself. an hour later he was dead. this is the 3rd new male ive tried to introduce from the same batch they have at my lfs. the first 1 developed pintail so i took him back, the second kinda just sat at top of water and died after 4 days now this one lasted a week????? is it possible that my existing male bullied him to death or perhaps the batch that they have are just a bad batch???? im in 2 minds whether to try again with another male. there r 3 females will he b ok with 3?? hes forever trying to mate them and showing off his magnificent tail, the others didnt seem interested in mating at all?
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well, seeing that the guppys fin was torn, it either means it was getting beaten up by the male or touched something sharp swimming around ( maybe a rock) are guppy's the only fish you have in that tank? if not, what are the other fish in the tank?
also, do you have any rocks in that tank?
thanks guys for letting me be a mod! evan though it was a short while, i am still very grate full. :)
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no there r no rocks other fish r, danios, tetras(small), mollies, swordtails, goldfish, shark, and plecos. my other guppies tail has never been touched thats why i thought it possible that its my original male?? he and the main female were the 1st 2 fish i had in there, and the female was just about 4 months old, so they r kinda like a pair, maybe they r HIS females and dont like opposition?
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your probably right about the bad batch, thats what i would have thought.
but males are really competetive, so if you dont have enough females to go around, they will turn on each other. abit like a friday night in town really lol

2 or 3 females are probably the right amount for 1 male, any less and he would probably bully them to mate.

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lol@ friday night in town hahahahahaha. i told my lfs about the fish and they said theyve had no other probs, my water parameters r all good and even the lfs tested the water last week and said it was fine so i know its nothin on my part. im gutted cos he was the prettiest 1 i have seen in ages, had a lovely tail.
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i'll bet its the danios, they love nipping fins
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i have a pearl danio, leopard danio and a pink 1!! i have never seen them bug any of the others they just seem to chase eachother all day
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