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Some of my guppies

Some of my guppies

Hello, these are photos of some of my guppies. This is a tank just to take pictures. His background is a grid of 1cm by 1cm in order to have a sense of fish size.

Guppy Full Red

Guppy Gold Red

Guppy Half Black Leopard AOC

Guppy Metal Red Lace Snakeskin Filigrana

Guppy Metal Red Lace Snakeskin Filigrana Albino

Guppy Moscow Albino

Gupppy Half Black Red Albino

Guppy Moscow Blue Green

Guppy Moscow Green

Guppy Moscow Purple

Guppy Moscow Red

Guppy Moscow Snakeskin

Guppy Moscow Full Black

Guppy Red Mosaico

Guppy Red Tail Albino

Guppy Snakeskin Filigrama

Guppy Snakeskin Yellow Albino

Marcelo Mello Ramos

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Loving those guppies! They are gorgeous!
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Beautiful! I assume you sell Guppies? I too have a few Guppies that were gifted to me. I recognize them now as
1. Moscow Purple
2. Half black Leopard AOC
3. A Gold Red
4. One that sort of looks like the Metal Red Lace Snakeskin Filigrana but it is a young fish and the tail is not so impressive just yet. Not sure if that is what I am seeing yet or not.
5. A full Red

I have a baby in there too but I don't think the color is determined yet, or rather, I can't make it out. Appears to be a striking Yellow color. The suspected mother died and she was a striking yellow so that would make sense, right?

Now I have a few more babies in there. As soon as I can determine sex, they will be separated. I don't want to continue having little Guppies, no matter how lovely they are.

Thank you so much for sharing the pictures of your lovely fish. I enjoyed seeing them and finding out what the different species/colors are called.
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Beautiful fish. You must have worked hard to get that sort of finnage.

I love the deep, rich red colour of your Moscow Reds.
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Some amazing guppys mate!!

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the moscow full black females are huge they look more like mollies!

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