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Unhappy So I'm down to 2 male platies after a sad holiday return...:(

A few weeks ago I was given 3 swordtails and 3 platies which I took reluctantly, since I have no experience with livebearers...I figured out all were male except 2 swordtails...I had them in an 8 gallon, then moved them to a 10 gallon with a cycled filter from an established tank. One female died then next day, in the day, the other female dead on the ground....ugh...I learned this was probably from stress sadly...sorry girls!!

Then over the holiday I was gone 2 days, and see the swordtail dead on the ground, badly decomposed...and a platy stuck to filter basket. Aghh!!!! They were all healthy acting before I left. I had 3 amazon swords and 2 crypt plants in the tank. The ammonia was 0 and levels normal.

Soooo.....I moved the remaining platys to a new 5 g hex with a new filter and no gravel or plants so i can observe them from a fresh start. They are acting healthy and eating well. The heater is at 77.

How many females should i get for them once i clean the 10g, or can it be all males? I feel bad I lost the other fishies and hope to give the last 2 a good life.

Thanks for the advice!

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maybe 4-6 females for the two males

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