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Single platy

This is a discussion on Single platy within the Livebearers forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> Hi everyone this is my first post (be gentle!) I have been given a (cycled) ten gallon tank as a gift. It was set ...

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Question Single platy

Hi everyone

this is my first post (be gentle!)

I have been given a (cycled) ten gallon tank as a gift. It was set up in secret and one male and four female guppies are in there along with some live (for now!) plants, a cave and some silk plants. There is also one single female platy. Apparently she was in the guppy tank at the shop by mistake and got netted along with the guppies. My mum liked the look of her so bought her as well.

All the fish seem happy enough, but I wonder whether this platy would be happier with another platy or two? And if so, is the tank big enough for them?

Many thanks

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Hi Twinkle. Welcome to the forum.

I don't think your tank is big enough to add any more fish. Platies grow quite big - I've got them and my females are absolute whoppers . (If you are interested, you can see them in the videos of my 165-litre - the blue one, and the big red wag are the females I've had for a while, the others are new and are still small.)

Is your mum going to surprise you with another tank to put your guppy babies in?
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Tankers right your pretty much at limit right now with your stock, especially given you will have a good amount of fry from the female guppies, in my opinion platys do better with more of their own kind but will still do ok just by themselves, they just might not be as playful. Its quite fun to see my two male platys in my main tank fighting over the only female.
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I was also going to mention that livebearers like guppies and platies will overrun that ten gallon, but Tanker and Zof already covered that.

The female platy should be fine on her own. I have one last "leftover" female living in my 10 gallon quarantine with a leftover danio for company and she's as happy as a fat little clam. In fact, I think she'd rather have the whole thing to herself so that she could have all of the food. ;)
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