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silver platy hiding in cave

hey all,

i introduced my silver platy (i kinda doubt thats really what he's called) to my tank yesterday. everyone else that was introduced yesterday, 2 goldfish and a starburst platy, are doing great. the 2 new platties lived in a tank with a goldfish, before coming home. i noticed yesterday he was hiding, i assumed he was "shy," hiding behind all the plants. today i came home and went to say hello to them and i couldn't find him. i searched everywhere, to find him hiding in the darkest part under a rock. any ideas why he seems to be hiding and everyone else is out playing?

he missed dinner time too. i read to hold the food under so it goes around the tank. i think i might go get the net and feed him in that so i can see if he's eating. (if thats a bad idea please dont hesitate to tell me not to!) i'm afraid he isn't feeling well. i had a black platy that wasn't active and i came home the next day to him belly up :( i dont want that to happen to the silver one.

thanks in advance

once again i have a 20 gallon tank - tons of hiding spots and plants
i feed them twice a day
the water seems to be perfect
if you need any more info let me know

thank you again
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Hi Ashley,

Let me start by saying I'm by no means an expert on fish. That being said, I currently have 3 paltys in my tank. On most days I only see two of them. At one point I was convinced that the third had died and had been eaten or just not found yet. I can tell you she is still alive and well. When I do see her come out, she comes out from a dark cave that is set up. I don't see her come out to eat often either.

From what I understand, fish don't need to eat every day. In fact the last time I went out of town many people on this board recommended that I not feed my fish that I had in the hospital tank. I think catching your fish to feed it would cause more stress than help. It will eat when it is ready.

Hope this helps.

60 gallon:
1 Pleco
1 Mollys
3 Upside Down Catfish
4 Platys
4 Serpae Tetras
8 Lemon Tetras
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just an update on my silver platy.

i saw him 2 days ago out to eat. he must be treating himself :)
he still likes to hid and it looks like he only decides to eat once every 2 days.
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