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Personally I would say you are fine with that for the time being (presuming you are not keeping them in a 5g tank )

Originally Posted by RSVBiffer View Post
As Jaysee said, 2 x 25% water changes is not the equivalent of a 50% water change.

The African lakes (Malawi, Tanganyika etc) are freshwater. Tanganyika is recorded as the World's longest freshwater lake. They are high in mineral content, hence the hardness values required for setups containing fish from these locations, but in terms of salinity the SG is basically 1.000 (that of pure/freshwater).
Having reread the thread, now I am awake .... I'm easily confused by the terms of freshwater and salinity half asleep . What we are talking about is something along the lines of Seachem's Cichlid Lake Salt to raise the hardness (the 'saltiness' that Agent is referring to) rather than Tropic Marin to adjust the salinity( the SG that Tolak is referring to). Think I have got that right now .

Surprisingly very few in the UK seem to use Lake Salts if they need to adjust their hardness but tend to use the likes of Epsom Salts instead.

Sorry for the confusion
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Originally Posted by Agent13 View Post
lol.. That was a guess off the top of my head. I actually have the salt content saved on my other laptop. I'm on my new one which has NOTHING saved on it.. Thats funny I apologize. It isn't a salt free lake.

Steve. 50% would be great for you as well.
Crossed Posts, I now see what you are referring to ... Having a very slow day
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Originally Posted by Agent13 View Post
Don't need to go off subject... I'll PM you the salinity and such if the Tanzanian salt lakes if need be. ... its not same as freshwater

antywhoo, for the OP 50-80% is my preferred water change on all my tanks

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