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Sailfin mollies and salt?

Do mollies or sailfin mollies specifically, need salt in thier water? I read everywhere that they need salt but they do sometimes come from pure freshwater in the wild. Would they be okay in pure freshwater? I ask because I want to put them with my firemouth cichlids(which come from the same enviornment) but I wanted to add corys but corys and salt don't mix. The tank is 29 gallons but I will be upgrading to a larger 40 or 50 gallon tank eventually. Can anybody help me?
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My mollies are in pure freshwater and doing fine. The important thing for mollies is that they do not do well in water with a low mineral content. My water is over 10 degrees of GH and of KH and has a pH of over 7.5. Mollies do very well in my water and I also keep cories in it. If you have soft water or low pH water, the sea salt can help by adding mineral content and raising the pH.
I see another possible problem though. A firemouth is a rather large and aggressive fish to place in a tank with mollies and cories. You may want to consider the mix you are setting up.
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Thank you so much! The tank has a ph of around 7.2 so it's pretty close to nuetral but it does have a pretty high Kh. As for the firemouths. I don't think there will be much of a problem with them. They are cichlids but they mind thier own business for the most part. Plus I have done quite a bit of research and I believe the combo will work. They do come from mexico like the mollies and they like the same water. Plus they dwell on different levels of the aquarium.

Now I do know this dosen't garantee success but I have seen many people mix small and large central american cichlids with livebearers like swordtails and mollies. I will be there to seprate them if things do get out of hand though.
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