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I see. But the previous batches which are now nearing an inch long seem to be all females. But like you said, that might change.

I knew females could store sperm but I didn't know it was that long. Cool! I actually need lots of fry because I use them as feeders. Newly dropped (a few days old) fry become treats for my larger bettas while those that grow up go to my friend's oscars.

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Very nice pictures. At that age you can't tell what they are from the picture so I was trying to guess until you said they were swordtails. Now I know why I always have female fish, although at the the LFS they are always in need of them or there are always less. Which works out good for me. Good Luck with the Fry.

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My fish at 3 months and well over an inch long.

My fish at 6 months and closer to 2 inches.

I find it much easier to spot a male in the larger fish than even in the 1 1/4 inch or so 3 month old ones. There were a few even then if you studied them enough.
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Just a quick update - the head count on the red double swords is about 11, and surprise, surpise the albino blues dropped four fry...everyone is comfortably placed in the nursery tank. We have another mama hiding in and about the java moss, not eating much and moving only when disturbed or feeding. She's about as fat as can be and I can not only see the eyes of the fry but their little bodies also....cigars will be forthcoming! LOL

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how are your fry today? are they alive? are they healthy and is the mother healthy?
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send me your response to" my fry are gone" please thank you.
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fry , guppy , sword tails

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