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Rescued 2 endlers

I had two endler males and thought they died a while back. But I was looking at my sump and was trying to see if I needed to clean it and saw an endlers swimming around in the bio-balls. I was like WHAT?? Then, I noticed the other one swimming around and they met up in the bottom part swimming around eating stuff off the bottom and off of the balls. So, I had to take out all the balls in one side out and get my little buddies. I can't believe they made it though the overflow, through the filter, through the tray, through the dry balls, and all the way to the bottom of my sump!! Guess, they are my little troupers. Somehow they were able to get around my filter, guess it was needing to be cleaned and it was more floating so they were able to get under it?? I''m glad I found them.
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congrats on the find !!
will you be putting something over the pipes so it won't happen again ?

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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That's one awesome story right there, thought they died and here they are, way to go man!! Congratulations.

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They did it again! But this time the filter got them because I had cleaned them. I'm just gona have to put them in my wifes tank I guess. What kind of thing do people use on the overflows to keep the small fish from getting sucked in?
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a fish net :)

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You can use panty hose over the intake and tie wraps or fish net but I found that my older charcoal sponge from my clarifier works well as it provides better water flow. I cut that to fit and used black tie wraps to secure it. You can buy a sponge attachment for
type in Oxygen plus Bio-Filters in the search section. They have a new Filter-Max pre-Filters on sale in 3 sizes that attaches to your powerhead intake also Item# AVS-71261, AVS-71262, AVS-71264
I think that any black charcoal filter pad attached with a tie wrap works the same as the water flow is good and it becomes a bio sponge also.
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Ok, I'm gona do something like that. But for now , I'm gona let my wife have'm.
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