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Red Wag Platy - White patch? New tank!

I recently acquired two Red Wag Platy's. They are currently in my 30 gallon tank. They are the only fish in the tank. They were put in the tank after it had been running for a week.

Last night, I noticed a white patch on my Red Wag male. This must have appeared fast, because I am ALWAYS looking at I would have noticed it fairly quickly. It looks like a few scales are missing or something. It doesn't have a "salt" like appearance. There is one white spot near his tail, that might be an Ich like spot.

I've been treating the water with Prime daily (adding it to the bucket the new water is in). I'm doing 25% water changes every day. is this way too much? Not enough?

just got my 1st liquid test kit, readings are as follows:
ammonia: 1.0 (but I've heard Prime can give me a false ammonia reading - just added prime about 4 hrs before testing the water)
nitrAte: 0, nitrIte: 0, PH: 8.2

Temperature is 76

I went to the store today and bought Rid Ich + and also Fish Protector with vitamin B12 & Echinacea. Which product should I use? Both? I've heard for Ich you need to remove the carbon filter - won't that start my cycle over? Is it safe to remove the carbon in a still-cycling tank with fish?

The other Red Wag is fine. No spots, no patches, nothing wrong with her. I can't separate him because I don't have a hospital tank (that's my next project, I guess!)

Is it possible the girl is picking on him when I'm not looking? Could it be from stress? Pretty attached to these little guys, and wanting them to be ok:(
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if this helps.

i just saw him bounce himself (best thing i can described it as) off a decoration in the tank. is he itching himself?
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another thing sorry

i just saw my girl fish reach out and nip at him when he went towards the top where she is. Maybe they are fighting?
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