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Pregnant Swordtails Dying

can someone reply me please. I found that swordtails are harder to breed than mollies, guppies or Platys. My female swordtails (2) have died after getting impregnated. My aquarium shop guy told me that since the female swordtails know their baby wont survive cos other fishes might eat them they sort of dont give birth and die. I am not beliving this story. maybe I belive just a little bit. My guppies, Platys and mollies frys are all doing good. So why are the female pregnant swordtails dying without giving birth?

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Do they have any other symptoms?
What are your water stats?
Size of your tank, and other inhabitants? I've heard that if the tank is overstocked sometimes they won't give birth.

I had a female guppy who died when pregnant, it looked like she held her fry in so long that she burst open. I think that she died due to higher nitrates, and low pH. All my guppies were a weaker stock anyways, as they had come from a friend who is overrun, and who knows what kinds of health problems they had!

I currently have three tanks:
10 gallon with a male betta.
55 gallon (future platy breeding tank) with 2 bolivian rams, 2 albino BN plecos, and 9 glowlight tetras.
65 gallon (future South American biotope) empty. Waiting to replace bottom

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