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Pregnant Molly

I have a pregnant dalmatian molly that was pregnant when i got her and her stomach was recognizable as pregnant since the first day i got her, i have her in a small tank with 2 male dalmatians and 3 guppies. My question is, should the mother be removed once the babies are born? and If I should be concerneda bout the guppies and male dalmatians being around the frys, is there a risk of them being eaten?

I dont check here too often, so id appreciate it if you could e-mail me with any suggestions:
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I emailed you a response.
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Replies should be posted in here also for the benefit of other posters. Thanks :)

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Here ya go... Nothin' fancy...

The two male mollies will pester her and really stress her out. Mollies should actually be kept at a ratio of about 3-4 females per male so any one doesn't get worn down by their constant attention. The guppies and the mollies depending on their size, can all eat fry. You will have to make a decision what you will do with the fry. You can get a fry net for about $4 from Petco/PetSmart and catch the fry you find in the tank with a small net and carefully put them in the fry net until they are large enough (4-8 weeks) not to get eaten by the bigger fish. Or you can let the other fish eat whatever fry they want and maybe/maybe not have a couple fry survive.

You don't say how large your tank is so I can't give too much information. I have multiple tanks. One is a "fry" tank that I raise smaller fry in and put the mothers in when they are getting close to birthing.
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1+ Flashygrrl

The point of this site is that questions are documented as well as the replies, thereby creating a resource for the next person with a similar issue. If you have trouble remembering to come back and check you can use the "subscribe to thread" feature. You will very conveniently get an email letting you know every time the topic has gotten a response.
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