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so its her 31st day and no sign of babies.bearwithfish i didnt get anything set up im just going to do the net thing.
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Bio, if you are worried about her eating them while she is in the net, and if you don't have some moss to put in the net with her, just put a wad of yarn in there. That also can work. The fry can hide in yarn. They don't usually eat their young while giving birth, because they are usually too busy giving birth to care, but just to be on the safe side, put some yarn or moss in there.
Also, the net should be fine if you want the fry to stay in it lol. If the net has big holes, it won't work...
Do you have a recent picture of her? It would really help. Are you positive she is pregnant? It is normal for fish to go over their normal amount of pregnancy.
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i am positive she is pregnant.she is huge.and her gravid spot is the biggest dot ever lol.the gravid spot is bigger than her fin on top.i dont have a picture of her but if u look in this thread on like the second page u would see one like her but bigger. the net is 4 by 2 u think that would work?
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Hmm. 4"X2" is a bit small. The net I used is a 5"X4", and has very fine holes, so the fry couldn't escape. I guess you could try a 4X2 net, but if she stresses too much, take her out and find something different.
Your female is smaller than that female in the picture, or bigger?
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she is bigger than the one in the picture way bigger.
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its her 34rth day and today she is acting kinda her lower anal fin she under her gravid spot she is getting a light brown spot .do u think its the babies? i got this picture from the internet and it is pretty close to mine.

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yesterday my female was starting to get a red like gravid spot under her big black one.r those the babies eyes?
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Yes, they are probably babies. If she is acting strange, she is likely going to give birth soon. My female guppy gave birth. The one I mentioned earlier. She gave birth when I went to town, and I came back and there were a bunch of fry, and she wasn't finished. If you leave her alone for a while, she will probably give birth. Do you have her separate from the others?
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no she is not mine its my familys tank and im not aloud to do anything with it but if i can ask i might be able to get her somewhere alone like in a bowl or something.sry no money.the red spot was gone for one day and here again today.
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No, no, not into a bowl. I wouldn't move her now, especially because she's so close to birthing. Just leave her be now. I have loose fry with my guppies and bettas and they don't eat them, so perhaps some might survive...
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