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what does a breeder net look like?
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Originally Posted by biokid101 View Post
what does a breeder net look like?
It has the shape as a square box, with netting all the way around. There are hooks one side, so it will hook over the top frame area of the tank to hold it in place, above the water line to keep the other fish out. Although, I have woke up before to find other fish have jumped the netting, luckily they did not eat my fry.
I picked mine up at Walmart for around $4.
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oh i might try that if i EVER SEE FRY
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wow my neon swordtail gave birth 12 days ago and wow today she has a triangle shaped gravid spot and its big. i saw one of the babies eyes yesterday. OMG I CANT WAIT!!!!! i am prepared for this one. i know her exact due date!!!!!!!!!!!! omgomg i will actually have fry!!!!! this is awesome!!! but just knowing the due date of her will not help what should i buy?
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WOW SHE IS HUGE!!!!! its her 21st pregnancy day and just a week more till babies and i am totally ready for them.
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if you know she is pregnant i would move her to the breeders net by her self (mine hangs on the inside of my tank) once she has had the babies move her back to the main part of the tank...some one correct me if i am wrong. i am no breeder by anymeans i just had babies by stroke of luck...
i may actually have a pic og my breeders net in my aquariums page??

"Fish are friends not food"
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i couldnt find the breeders net on ur aquarium but i am going to the pet store today and i will see i could find one.
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i couldnt find one and im starting to get worriefd about her because she is slow and not as hyper as she always is and she spends time alone ALOT and i have around 14 fish in a 36 gallon tank so its hard to be alone but she somehow manages it whats wrong with her.feel free to answer molliefan if u see this i forgive u :)
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try going to another lfs to get a breeders net...she maybe acting sluggish and wanting to be alone because shes getting ready to drop the fry. i dont know for sure about this only guessing because when a human is that far along they get pretty sluggish and want to be left alone....although humans are not fish...again just guessing at the reason.....but i think you should keep searching for a breeders could be the only way to save the fry. i paid $13.00 for mine and thats a lot cheaper then trying to get a whole other tank set up for the fry.

"Fish are friends not food"
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if i dont get a breeders net or box will i be able to take out the fry and put them in a bowl or something.not saying that i am just incase she has them earlier so i can get one.i know i have to get one.i have another one who is pregnant and a little bit behind in pregnancy then my neon swordtail and u can find a picture of a similar one of her in can someone help me?its also my thread and the picture on there is similar to the one i have but a wee bit smaller than far along do u think it is.

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